Everything we know about Arcane Season 2

arcanethe Emmy-nominated animated series based on League of Legendswas a smash hit in its first season, prompting Netflix and Riot Games to renew the show for a second season.

As soon arcaneThe first season ended on November 20, 2021, a second season of the show was announced. It was also confirmed that the show’s second season was already in production.

It may still take some time until arcane With Season 2 hitting your TV screen, there’s still plenty of hype and speculation to be had leading up to the show. It has been confirmed that the second season of arcane won’t arrive in 2022, which means fans will have plenty of time to discuss what will happen after the season two premiere

Here’s everything we know arcane season two.

When will the second season be released?

There is no confirmed release date for arcane season two. However, the series can be expected to arrive sometime in 2023 or 2024 if the show’s first season timeline can be used as an indicator.

The first season of arcane was originally scheduled to debut in 2020 but was postponed due to restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic. As Season 2’s workflow will be far more stable at both Riot Games and Fortiche Production, the animation studio behind it arcaneFans should expect the show’s next season to be produced at a faster pace.

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Nicolo Laurent, CEO of Riot Games, took to Twitter shortly after Season 2 was announced and confirmed that it wouldn’t take another six years to create arcane‘s second season. He also confirmed that it won’t be released in 2022.

What will the story of the second season be?

The history of arcane The second season is still unknown, although it is almost certain that it will continue to center around Piltover and Zaun, just like the first season. During the closing moments of the announcement teaser for arcane In season two, the disembodied voices of Jinx, Caitlyn, and Vi are heard, suggesting their stories will continue in the upcoming season. Also, the first season of arcane ended on an intense cliffhanger, which likely means that season one’s story will see some closure in season two.

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That’s not to say other regions of Runeterra won’t be explored in Season 2, though. While it’s very likely that Piltover and Zaun will remain at the top, other regions like Noxus and Demacia could be addressed. In the last season, Noxus has been teased in some aspects, most notably through the storyline of Mel Medarda.

Is there a trailer for Arcane season 2?

So far there is no official trailer for it arcane season two. The 15-second teaser released to announce Season 2 is the only official promotional content revealed for the upcoming season. Fans should expect a longer trailer to come out as Season 2 draws closer.

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