Eva Longoria reflects on being jealous in previous marriages

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Happy in hindsight. Eva Longoria thought about finding love with husband Jose Bastion later in life after both of her previous marriages failed.

That Desperate Housewives Alum, 47, opened up about the ups and downs of their relationship on a recent episode of her Connections with Eva Longoria podcast. While chatting with the author Isabel AllendeThe Texas native recalled having to overcome jealousy with previous partners.

“I think jealousy takes so much energy,” the former soap opera star explained. “I remember being so jealous and your stomach turned inside out. It’s the worst feeling. Why would anyone want that feeling?”

Longoria was previously married to Tyler Christopher from 2002 to 2004 and up Tony Parker from 2007 to 2011 before he tied the knot with Bastón in 2016 dog days The actress met the businessman on a blind date arranged by a mutual friend – and Bastón didn’t recognize the TV star at first.

That Brooklyn Nine-Nine Alum told Allende that the two-time divorce has made her reconsider what she prioritizes in romantic relationships. “I think that’s why I found love on my second marriage – no wait, my third – at 40 [my husband] When I was 40 – and he was 50 – it was just, ‘Can we just enjoy this life together?'” Longoria added. “I mean, I yell at him [leaving out] the toothbrush or something, still.”

Before she finds love with the President of Televisa, the hard times The actress indicated she feels done with the marriage as a whole. “I’ve been married twice. I know that!” she said Access Hollywood Live in 2013. “I’m not one of those women who says, ‘I need to procreate!’ I think children are a product of love. So if you want to find the right person and start a family with that person, now is the time. But… when I’m 50 and single, I’m not going to do it myself.”

When she welcomed son Santiago with bastón in June 2018 — when she was 43 — Longoria said the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. “He should be with me at this stage,” she gushed parents latina in August 2019. “I’m more patient and work less, although it doesn’t look like it!”

The media mogul shares three children with his ex-wife Natalia Esperon, but there were still some aspects of parenting that came as a surprise after Santiago joined the family. “[He’s] exploring and wanting to do everything and jump on everything in every moment,” Longoria said exclusively Us weekly in December 2021, teasing that her son is in the “stressful threesome” phase of his life. “I should have enjoyed it [the newborn] stage more. That was the easy stage. You are not mobile. You don’t talk. Now he’s pretty much everywhere.”

Despite the harder parts of raising a toddler, Longoria still called it her “favorite age.” “Every phase that comes is more fun [than the last],” She said Us. “It was challenging [before, but now], I’m not that tired. I’m more like, ‘Oh my god, I have to be present because his little mind is informed.’”

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