Drake under fire for multiple private jet flights between Toronto and Hamilton

Drake gets some heat after it was revealed his private jet has made multiple flights between Toronto and Hamilton.

Corresponding CelebJetsAccording to an automated Twitter account that tracks private jet flights, the rap superstar’s Boeing 767 has flown the 70-kilometer route at least four times since June.

The last flight, which lasted just 14 minutes, took place on July 22, CelebJet data shows.

On July 12, Drake’s plane flew from Hamilton to Toronto on an 18-minute flight. According to CelebJet, the plane flew the same route again on June 28 and June 17.

According to Celebjet, the plane emits at least four tons of carbon emissions every time it flies this route and costs about $2,729 in fuel.

It is not known if Drake was on the plane on any of the flights or why the trips were made.

Last year, Drake announced on Twitter that he would be working with a US-based company called Aspiration to reduce his personal carbon footprint.

“It’s exciting to work with a company that has found an easy way to offer everyone the opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint,” said Drake at the time.

The 35-year-old has come under criticism for the flights. Ian Borsuk, Environment Hamilton’s climate campaign coordinator, told CTV News Toronto he thought the flights were “extremely wasteful”.

“I think we need to talk as a society about whether we should even allow these private flights,” he said.

“I think it can be really frustrating for some people when they’re like, ‘Okay, well, I’m doing everything I can in my daily routine to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, like taking public transportation, buying local products and things like that. And in some cases, those private jet flights can wipe out a person’s entire year’s effort.

Similar comments about the flights have been made on social media.

“Drake is part of the problem, taking multiple 15-minute flights to and from Hamilton while the environment collapses. Dude, take the GO train,” wrote writer and filmmaker Jesse Hawken on Twitter Monday.

“It is ridiculous. That waste of fuel to go around the lake. It’s sticky,” another person wrote on Twitter.

“Drake, why are you flying for 14 minutes… just take one of your sports cars,” said another person.

“Why aren’t more people talking about Drake flying his private jet from HAMILTON TO TORONTO??? Absolutely sick,” said another.

Earlier this month, multimillionaire businesswoman Kylie Jenner was after her Private jet took a three minute flight in California.

“The lack of awareness is frankly amazing,” one person wrote.

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