Dragon Ball’s “new” and “old” Broly combine in Ferocious New fanart

Broly is an overpowered Dragon Ball character who has had both canon and non-canon appearances in the franchise, with this new fanart merging the two!

The popular anime and manga series, dragon ballhas introduced a plethora of powerful and iconic characters over the years, and in one wild piece of fanart, the “old” Dragon Ball Z Version of the brutal brawler known as Brolyand the “new” version of this legendary Super Saiyan seen in Dragon Ball greatunite in a spectacular and breathtaking way!

Recently posted to Instagram by username @gwartdesigns, this page is all about uploading creative fanart of various nerd franchises from across the pop culture spectrum. Give out your unique take on characters to your followers dragon ball, Naruto, Spy x familyMarvel Comics, DC Comics and more, @gwartdesigns is at its best when it focuses on art depicting Goku and his fellow Z-Warriors in all their stunning glory.


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A character introduced in non-canon in 1993 dragon ball Movie, Dragon Ball Z: Broly – The Legendary Super Saiyan, Broly became an instant fan-favorite character purely for his brolic and badass nature, not to mention his ridiculous power. Added to the canon in 2018 Dragon Ball Super: Broly In the film, Broly was subtly transformed for his official debut, with @gwartdesigns taking the time to combine his ‘old’ and ‘new’ looks to great effect.

The third painting in a similar series of fanarts, where @gwartdesigns illustrates two powerful ones dragon ball Transformations side by side – like Goku’s Super Saiyan Blue and Super Saiyan 4 forms, or Vegeta’s Majin and Super Saiyan God incarnations – this particular Broly piece takes things to a level beyond simply comparing two transformations. Drawing Broly in his green-tinted legendary Super Saiyan form on both sides of the image, the left side of the piece shows the non-canonical version of the character, while the right side of the image shows the canonical version. Drawn with pupil-less eyes and an angry expression that would make Vegeta blush, @gwartdesigns adds ‘old’ Broly’s earring and necklace accessories, ‘new’ Broly’s facial scar, and finally a subtle color and style difference in the way they green Hair is detailed to further differentiate between the two versions of this epic character.

Featuring Broly targeting the world of dragon ball Now that he’s officially part of the canon lore, @gwartdesigns, which shows fans where Broly started and where he’s at right now, is inspired artwork, to say the least. This Broly design is dragon ball Fanart at it’s finest, so be sure to check out the @gwartdesigns Instagram page for more nerd-related content!

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