Doctor Strange 2 Official Art Reveals Tragic Deleted Flashback Scenes

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness kicked off Marvel’s new round of programming in Phase 4 with a thrilling rollercoaster ride that revealed the vastness of the multiverse. Although the film brought a lot of exciting action that brought the MCU closer to its newly announced one Avengers: Secret Warsthere have been a number of scrapped scenes that have come to light since its release.

One of these included a new opening scene for the film in which Wanda Maximoff beheads Baron Mordo of Earth-616; There was also another version of Doctor Strange The second post-credits scene of 2 where Bruce Campbell’s Pizza Poppa swears revenge on Strange for his punch spell. But on top of that, Doctor Strange himself had removed a key moment that would have added even more depth to his story.

Doctor Strange 2 was originally intended to include a moment looking back at Stephen and his sister Donna discussed with Sinister Strange during his battle with the Earth-616 Master Mage. Following the film’s release, fans now have a glimpse of the two young leads from that very scene.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Official Art depicts a tragic childhood scene

Concept artist Darrell Warner shared some early concept art on Instagram Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

The drawings show a young Stephen Strange, still played by Benedict Cumberbatch, in the middle of the night and wearing a hat and long scarf.


This comes from the scrapped flashback moment with Strange and his sister Donna, where she fell through a sheet of ice on a lake and died of hypothermia.

Doctor Strange 2 deleted scene young stranger

The images also included a look at young Donna, who was never cast in the film as she wears warm winter clothes even in the moonlight.

Doctor Strange 2 deleted scene, young Donna Strange

While the first three images are all in color, Warner also included a barebones sketch of Stephen with a huge clump of trees behind him under the moon.

Doctor Strange 2 deleted scene young stranger

In his caption, Warner noted how this sequence was being developed during the pre-COVID production schedule, which also occurred while Marvel was looking for a new director following Scott Derrickson’s departure. According to him, this sequence was later removed when Sam Raimi took over directing the film:

“More into the multiverse madness…… There is a sequence in the released film where one version of Strange while talking to himself while another is talking about losing their sister……her throwing back here to be pre-Covid with one of my early responsibilities in dealing with these children of that past… We were a little stumped at the time but were still working on the original script by Scott Derrickson and awaiting news from a new director | Then this whole sequence of the Strange kids on the frozen lake was set as Sam Raimi took the helm……Fun and that’s a rarity for those Doctor Strange fanatics out there……Let’s see what the hopeless Instagram makes this post…… Not that I want to go on a tangent here, but there’s so much noise that the whole Instagram thing is cheerless these days.

Stephen and Donna Strange

“We had a sister… Donna. She died when we were children.”

The moment with Donna and Stephen Strange is one that has been widely discussed throughout the hero’s tenure in the MCU. One scene was originally planned for the first Doctor Strange Movie that actually showed that moment and inspired Stephen to become a doctor in the first place, although that scene became canon with its mention Doctor Strange 2.

It’s clear that this scene came incredibly close to actually being a part of the MCU, thanks to serious discussions during the production of both films. But with this second film, with such a short running time and so much substance to pack into the plot, director Sam Raimi seemed to think it was going to slow things down a little too much in the multiversal madness.

Whether fans will see that moment realized in a third Doctor Strange Movie is unfamiliar, especially with all the roads leading to much bigger things at the end of phase 6 Avengers: Secret Wars.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is now streaming on Disney+ and is also available to buy from home.

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