Director behind ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ shares thoughts on the drama’s success and what to look forward to

The director behind ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ said thank you for all the love the drama has been receiving lately!

The Wednesday-Thursday ENA drama tells the story of Woo Young Woo (Park Eun Bin), a young lawyer with Asperger’s Syndrome who joins a major law firm. Due to her high IQ of 164, impressive memory, and creative thought process, the brilliant Woo Young Woo graduated top of her class in both college and law school at the prestigious Seoul National University — but she still struggles when it comes to social interactions.

Although the series airs on a small cable network, its viewership has steadily increased, reaching 9.569 percent by its sixth episode. On July 18, director Yoo In Sik expressed his gratitude in an interview while sharing glimpses of the upcoming story.

He began by saying, “I’m surprised by the overwhelming response we’ve received, which far exceeds our expectations. I am touched and grateful that people connect so strongly with this little story that we have prepared.”

He continued, “In the beginning I thought it would be nice to do a drama that’s like a little garden that people can visit and take a break, but I feel like it’s going to turn into a field in an instant full of blooming flowers . I would like to think that our viewers already had much larger and richer fields in their hearts than we anticipated.”

Commenting on the show’s success, he said, “I think the public has already had a thirst for kindhearted stories and stories that capture the feelings of minorities, including individuals on the autism spectrum, that probably outweighed the prejudices of people making drama. That too is something to look forward to.”

With only six episodes, Extraordinary Attorney Woo still has a long way to go. Yoo In Sik also shared what’s to come, saying: “Young Woo still has many missions ahead of him. In the process of resolving them, she will face an existence that is like a great mountain to her. She will also experience the joys and sorrows of love. However, she will still stumble through the problems while pursuing an answer to the question, “What makes a great lawyer?” on your own. Please encourage Young Woo.”

The director also added some details to look forward to, such as “inventive data continuing Young Woo and Jun Ho (Kang Tae Oh), character development of [Young Woo’s] Working family at the Hanbada law firm, the past stories that Young Woo’s father kept under wraps, and the interesting tips Geurami (Joo Hyun Young) will throw at Young Woo.” Of course, he didn’t forget to mention Woo Young Woo’s favorites – whales! He said: “New whales that haven’t surfaced yet will make a surprise appearance here and there, so please give them a warm welcome!”

Director Yoo In Sik ended the interview by saying, “I would be grateful if viewers could love [‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’] until the end.”

The next episode of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” will air on July 20 at 9 p.m. KST.

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