Did Kevin Feige just tease Peter Parker’s future role?

Marvel Studios certainly blasted San Diego Comic-Con with announcements of more than a dozen movies and TV shows coming in phases 4, 5, and 6 of the MCU. A highly anticipated new outing that flew completely under the radar, however, was Spiderman 4which will take Tom Holland’s Peter Parker in a whole new direction.

Following Spider-Man: No Way Home, the whole world has no recollection of Peter Parker’s existence thanks to the magic of Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange. While this still allows Peter to continue being the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man who protected New York throughout his high school years, he will be alone more than ever, with no family, friends, or even other Avengers to support him support.


As Spiderman 4 preparing to bring Peter Parker back into the fray in a new role later on, the big question remains – what exactly does the character have in store for the future? Well, Kevin Feige, President of Marvel Studios, recently answered that question ahead of the conclusion of Phase 4 of the MCU.

Kevin Feige on Spider-Man’s MCU future

On the back cover of The Amazing Spider-Man Issue 900, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige spoke to Editor Nick Lowe about Spider-Man as a character.

When asked about his favorite job at Peter Parker, Feige brought up the idea that he was a teacher or a scientist because that’s what he was “if he hadn’t become Spider-Man:”

“Teachers and scientists are the ones that will always stay with me because if he hadn’t become Spider-Man, he would have been anyway. That’s always the duality of Spidey. Between what he can do now with those powers, but also trying to live the life he would have had anyway. Or try.”

Spider-Man teacher

Feige also brought up an interesting topic, replying in what past era he would like to see a Spider-Man movie set in him. He teased the idea of ​​a Buster Keaton-directed Spidey silent film, also mentioning 1934 The thin man by William Powell as another major influence:

“Buster Keaton is hard to beat on every level. He’s a bit older than Peter, even when he was making his first films. I’ve recently become obsessed with William Powell from The Thin Man. He’s also a bit older than Peter in those movies, but I would have loved to see him swinging around.”

Where will Spider-Man 4 take Peter Parker?

Peter Parker scientist

During his time in the comics and in the past Spiderman In movies, Peter Parker has always been considered both an intellectual and a man of science, two of Kevin Feige’s favorite qualities from the web-slinger. Spider-Man: No Way Home even saw all three live-action Spideys explore their scientific roots, and Feige sees a clear path to teaching as the young hero has always been smart and giving.

Kevin Feige managed to adapt some of his favorite moments and aspects of the character in the MCU, including the now iconic one “C’mon Spider-Man” Scene in which Peter lifts in the fallen debris Spiderman: homecomingAunt May learns the Wallcrawler’s secret identity at the end of Spidey’s first solo film, and the Webhead finally gets his Webwings in the MCU.

Since Feige has a fondness for Peter being a teacher or scientist and Spidey no longer being a student, this could be a subtle clue as to where Marvel Studios head Peter Parker wants to be placed Spiderman 4?

With Spiderman 4 The plot takes Peter’s old life and potentially gives him an opportunity to explore some of the aspects of his life that he lost trying to protect his friends and family on his superhero outings. The duality will be even more difficult to handle now that he has no one to lean on, but it makes for an interesting story and a unique way to bring the hero back into the herd for another solo adventure.

Spiderman 4 is currently in early development under Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures.

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