Deepak Kripal’s book Sense of a Quiet explores the intricate web of relationships

Contemporary drama is one of the most sought after genres in India especially if you are a lover of fiction. Sense of a Quiet by Deepak Kripal is one of those books that has been making waves with readers and critics alike of late. A realistic, more true-to-life contemporary drama with a high emotional content and element of mystery, the novel explores the intricate web of relationships and their ramifications, particularly when divided by the fault lines drawn by class system, ambition, religion, corruption, personality differences and societal Print.

As we try to find peace, we often fail to look within. We chase happiness but fail to make the people around us happy. Sense of a Quiet is a story that takes such complex aspects of life and tells them in a simple but nuanced way. The story follows Milind and Diya, a Haridwar-based medical couple struggling with career and relationship problems. They get a visit from their mutual classmate Rohan, who is about to get divorced. Diya does not approve of his visit as she sees Rohan as impractical and impulsive, someone who has no worthwhile motives in life. In Haridwar, Rohan makes new acquaintances and friends – a carefree rickshaw wala, a shy “ugly” looking maid and a rude elderly retired army man. Meanwhile, Milind gets caught up in a corruption scam, and Diya finds herself in a situation she doesn’t want to share with Milind, getting into another conflict with Rohan. When Rohan gets into an altercation with an MLA aide, his stay in Haridwar sets off a chain of events that turns Diya, Rohan and Milind’s relationship into a completely out of control quagmire before they know it.

Where will life take these three individuals who seem so intertwined and complex at a crossroads that they can only beg for deliverance rather than scars from the Sacred Ganges as they sit on its banks and wait for their destiny to unfold ? Read the book to find out what happens next.

While the story and characters are nuanced and complex, Kripal has kept the narrative simple while promising a sense of belonging to the characters and events. Thrilled by the success of his novel, he told us it took him four years to complete the book. He even went to a slum for six months and drank tea at a place where rickshaw walas used to gather to learn their worldview.

Kripal, who is a practicing physician, wrote his debut novel The Devil’s Gate: An Impossible Journey in 2013 under Leadstart Publishing. Not only was it critically acclaimed, it was also the first of its kind in Indian literature to use animals against demons. Aside from being a doctor and an author, he has delved deeply into subjects such as psychology, philosophy, and sociology, which has greatly influenced the stories and thoughts he tells. His two novels belong to completely opposite genres (the first was a fantasy thriller, the second a contemporary drama) and are polar opposites in terms of treatment and storytelling, which is a testament to his versatility and appetite for good stories. He enjoys experimenting but stays true to real life themes affecting human existence in various aspects of life. He credits his love of stories to the bedtime stories his late grandfather used to tell the imaginative child in him.

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