Cyclops’ future costume really makes his name perfect in the new art

X-Men’s Cyclops gets a shocking new look based on the world of Marvel’s ongoing comic label 2099 by writer and artist Louie Joyce.

The earliest and most experienced leader of the X-MenScott Summers, aka Cyclops, was written by veteran comics writer Louie Joyce (steps, The Corner Shop). A classic Marvel Comics superhero that hails from the silver age of comics, Cyclops has had many different costume changes, but none quite as advanced as this one.

Cyclops may not always be the leader of the X-Men, but he’s among the most popular and recurring mutant superheroes alongside Storm and Emma Frost. His famous ruby ​​red quartz visor, given to the veteran leader by his famous mentor Professor Charles Xavier as a gift to contain Scott’s powerful optic blasts, remains faithful to the character of Cyclops.


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Before the release of the upcoming Spiderman 2099: Exodus No. 5, professional comics writer and illustrator Louie Joyce has taken to Twitter to share his own take on Cyclops, based on the character’s all-new future appearance in Marvel 2099. As the name suggests, this brand of Marvel titles focuses on a set of Marvel’s beloved heroes as they exist in a distant future (known as Earth-TRN767). Aside from the X-Men, this new series of Marvel titles has put the spotlight on popular superheroes like Black Panther, Ghost Rider, Daredevil and The Avengers.

While Joyce’s artwork manages to keep the overall iconography of the Cyclops’ uniform intact, there is one major difference worth noting. In place of Scott’s classic ruby ​​quartz sight is a mechanized headpiece with a single eyepiece that resembles that of an android as opposed to a human (or mutant) being. The lack of a visor but a single eyelet gives Scott’s “Cyclops” namesake even more prominence than its main counterpart from the 616 comics.

The modern line of Marvel 2099 comics continues to grow in both history and popularity, which will only make Cyclops’ new design grow in glory. Joyce’s professional art manages to capture the cutting-edge aesthetic of 2099’s comic book art style.

While Joyce’s Cyclops art is just a bit of concept, it should be enough to keep readers hooked until the character’s full arrival in the coming weeks. Patient readers will have the opportunity to see Joyce’s Cyclops design alongside other future members of the X-Men in action as writer Steve Orlando (marauder) and Kim Jacinto (Post)’s Spiderman 2099: Exodus #5 arrives in select comic book stores on August 3rd.

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