Cushing-Malloy, Inc. Invests in MBO K8RS Folder to Completely Automate Book Production

Pictured left to right: Stacy Vigue, Corporate Secretary, Cushing-Malloy; Joachim Hartgasser, service technician, MBO; Connie M. Cushing, CEO, Cushing-Malloy; Craig Emeott, folder operator, Cushing-Malloy; David Worden, folder operator, Cushing-Malloy; Edward Lovell, folder operator, Cushing-Malloy; Tom McCoy, Service Engineer, MBO.

Marlton, NJ—MBO America—MBO, a global leader in high-performance print finishing solutions, today announced that Cushing-Malloy, Inc., a manufacturer of short- to medium-run books and publications, is adding an MBO K8RS with Auto has stacks of the A80 supply in its fleet of MBO folders. Ann Arbor, Michigan book printer, a longtime MBO customer, chose to invest in the MBO K8RS Combi Buckle/Knife Folder because of its ability to fully automate its signature folding process, reduce labor problems and get to market with greater speed and accuracy .

The MBO K8RS is equipped with a pallet-type feeder, which significantly reduces the touch points when loading and feeding paper. Also included is MBO’s autopilot control system, which removes manual inputs for changes to the same pallet signature. Autopilot is designed to support a sheet production process where many sheets can be printed on the same pallet with only one data code separating the jobs. The folder monitors the code change and switches to the next signature format when it finds it, using an automated, step-by-step process.

“After seeing the K8RS in action, we knew it was the perfect fit for the way books are built,” said Connie M. Cushing, CEO of Cushing-Malloy. “Their ability to enable quick changeovers for the different paper weights we use and automatically ensure book page alignment accuracy is tremendous in our business. Previously performed manually by our operators, this type of work is now automated, greatly reducing the chance of human error. The benefits of reducing human touchpoints mean we get products to our publishers faster, experience less waste, which is paramount during these paper shortages, and ultimately be more profitable.”

The MBO K8RS combi folder is capable of production speeds of up to 275 meters per minute (16,650 sheets per hour on a standard 25″ x 38″ sheet), making the folder compatible with modern offset presses at a production ratio close to 1: 1 step can keep . Along with the advanced drive system of this folder, it is designed to use both buckle plates and cross fold knives in sequence to make the folds, ensuring that the paper always stays under positive control even at high speeds. Labor and space requirements are reduced, allowing a single operator to manage all processes at the folder, including output, at full speed. In addition, the MBO K8RS can be scaled to further automate the folding process by adding the CoBo-Stack robotic palletizer, Datamanager 4.0 and VT-90 Signature Quality Inspection System, reducing the workload of loading jobs, performing quality inspections and Stacking the signatures eliminates a pallet and moving toward a plan where a single operator runs multiple folding machines.

“Cushing-Malloy has a well-deserved reputation for producing quality, short-run books by providing the highest level of service to its customers,” said Lance Martin, vice president of marketing for MBO America and Komori America. “We are proud that MBO’s K8RS folder will be a key part of Cushing-Malloy’s transition to automation and look forward to our continued and fruitful collaboration.”

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