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Each week, The Hollywood Reporter features the best new (and newly relevant) books that will have everyone talking – whether it’s a tome ripe for adaptation, a new Hollywood-centric reveal, or the starting material for a hot new tv show.

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Dirtbag, Massachusetts by Isaac Fitzgerald (UTA)

A stalwart in the publishing industry turns the pen to his own life with this memoir. It follows his traumatic childhood after being born to two people having an affair, the reactionary reckless behavior he displayed, and a confrontation with his own masculinity.

NSFW by Isabel Kaplan (anonymous content)

On the heels of this year’s addictive workplace dramas, NSFW follows an assistant in a television studio in the years leading up to the #MeToo movement; His unabashed take on Hollywood corporate culture feels fresh and necessary.

normal family by Chrysta Bilton (Verve Literary)

At age 23, the author learned she had at least 150 half-siblings as a result of her estranged father’s prolific (and unregulated) sperm donations — and that’s not even the most intriguing element of this memoir, chronicling her unconventional upbringing in Los Angeles, which spanned between a hippie counterculture, wealthy private school kids and even the occasional celebrity crew hovers.

Literature Recommendations

Everything is garbage, but it’s okay by Phoebe Robinson

The comedian’s second collection of essays is now a half-hour comedy on Freeform, and while the book is worth reading (or re-reading) for its laugh-making moments alone (she writes about everything from money problems to a meeting with her idol Bono), it’s also a fascinating study of the imaginative ways in which Robinson and showrunner Jonathan Groff (happy endings) expanded the book for television. The show creates a fictional protagonist based on the life and personality of the author and translates the essays’ topics into narrative beats.

The worst assistant in the world by Sona Movsesian

This non-fiction book comes from Conan O’Brian’s longtime assistant and co-host of his podcast Conan needs a friend. It’s a tongue-in-cheek guide to being a terrible Hollywood assistant based on something she and O’Brien do that she sees as lazy employees and he sees as a domineering boss. It’s a fun glimpse into their working relationship, a guide on what not to do, and a great gift for any wizard in your life.

Recently Announced

The light we carry by Michelle Obama

Building on the momentum of her groundbreaking — and record-breaking — memoir Willwhich has sold more than 10 million copies (and counting) since it was published in 2018, the former first lady will publish another book this fall. The light we carry, which comes out on November 15th, will be less of a first personal narrative and more of a gratitude journal. Expect a collection of inspirational reflections and advice gleaned from Obama’s struggles over the past few years.

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