Christopher Walken destroys an actual Banksy artwork in Season 2 of The Outlaws

Christopher Walken destroys an actual Banksy artwork in The Outlaws season 2 – and the artist had created it specifically for her show.

Christopher Walken shot a scene in The outlaws Season 2 in which he paints over an actual Banksy artwork. Banksy is an anonymous artist who uses graffiti in public spaces to combine black humor with political and social commentary. In the years since his debut, Banksy’s work has sold millions at auction and is highly sought after by art collectors and in the cities he visits. Banksy’s work originated in Bristol, England, where The outlaws is set.

The outlaws follows a group of strangers who are forced to do community service in remorse for petty crimes by cleaning up trash and painting over graffiti. They soon discover a bag full of money and must deal with the consequences of dealing with very dangerous people. The outlaws was created by Stephen Merchant, known for helping to create the original version of The officeand for his appearances in films such as logan, Jojo rabbitand hot fuzz.


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In an interview on The late show with Stephen Colbert, Merchant confirms that the painting used in the series was a real Banksy created specifically for Walken to paint over. Merchant explains that since the show was filmed in Bristol, they reached out to Banksy’s staff and were able to get him to paint the piece for the series. He says they then kept the painting a secret from the cast and crew until they revealed it to Walken, after which they had to paint over him on the first try. Read the trader’s quote below:

His art first appeared in Bristol… so someone said, ‘What if we tried to contact the real Banksy and get him to do an artwork for the show? And then we ask Christopher Walken to paint over it. We managed to find some intermediaries and we called Banksy and he said, “If I have time, I will do that.” So we showed up one morning, just me and a few others, and there was an original painting by Banksy on this building that we used as a backdrop. We covered it, hid it from the cast, from the crew, about six weeks later I went to Christopher’s trailer and said, ‘We’ve had an original Banksy here for six weeks, we’re going to paint it over this morning and you’re going to do it .’ Nobody knows about it and we had about a chance to get it right and we did it and we put it on the show.

With The outlaws and Merchant’s connection to Bristol, it is quite remarkable that they were able to get a painting by the famous private Banksy. There are many TV series with a higher profile, but it is unlikely that any of them would have been able to swing such a collaboration. Given Banksy’s anarchic spirit and expression through temporary art, it was likely that the show’s intent to immediately destroy his work, which is likely worth millions in the art world, was a key factor in convincing him to create an original just for to create them.

It’s remarkable that in an age of non-privacy, Banksy has not only been able to maintain his anonymity, but also remain true to the work that first made him famous. Although the artwork can be seen on The outlaws A relatively minor note in Banksy’s career, the fact that he took the time to make it with the intention of destroying it is an interesting study of the artist’s relationship to his work. In the end, Merchant’s show, with its sharp lyrics and powerful performances, stands on its own, and it does so now The outlaws Season 2 includes an interesting footnote in the world of art collecting.

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Source: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

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