Christian Bales Gorr Looks Even Creepier In Unused Official Art (Photos)

Thor: Love and Thunder continues in theaters as the God of Thunder reunites with Jane Foster to protect his friends, family and people in New Asgard. The latest threat to the titular hero comes in the form of Christian Bale’s Gorr the God Butcher, arguably one of the MCU’s most terrifying and intense villains to date.

Leading to gate 4Upon release, a hot topic of conversation was what Bale would look like as the film’s main antagonist, bringing with him a villain who looked pretty scary compared to many of his Marvel Comics counterparts. It was clear from the start that this look wouldn’t be 100% comic book accurate, but upon its first appearance in the film’s second trailer, fans were quick to share their excitement for what was on the way.

The biggest change Gorr made from the comics gate 4 was the lack of alien tendrils on his head, as the film made him look a lot more human behind Christian Bale’s impassioned on-screen portrayal. This wasn’t always the case, however, as new concept art gives a glimpse of how Bale’s design has changed during the development process for this new sequel.

Concept art shows more Alien Gorr in Thor 4

Character designer Ken Barthelmey took to Instagram to share new concept art depicting Marvel Studios’ Christian Bale’s Gorr the God Butcher. Thor: Love and Thunder.

His initial design for Gorr gave the character a much more alien feel and made him look a little more fish-like, with slit-like nostrils and wrinkles on his face that look almost like gills. Also, there are a series of protrusions sticking out from the back of his head to give him a much creepier look than he looked in the final cut of the film:

Marvel Studios

The second design retained the same head and skull structure as the first, but changed the face significantly.

The eyes remain identical, although this one has a long, vertical nose with six nostrils that bulge as Gorr snarls at anything in front of him. Also, his teeth appear much more jagged and separated than in the film, adding another aspect to his appearance that makes him appear more terrifying.

Concept art of Gorr the God Butcher, Thor 4
Marvel Studios

Barthelmey noted that these drafts were made long before Christian Bale was cast for the role and that he enjoyed what Bale brought to the performance:

“The early Gorr the God Butcher design I did for Thor: Love and Thunder at Odd Studio before Christian Bale was cast. I loved Bale’s portrayal of the character. Thanks to Adam Johansen for bringing me on board.”

The journey of Thor 4 with Gorr’s appearance on screen

Gorr the God Butcher’s appearance was one of the biggest concerns for fans Thor: Love and Thunder, although Christian Bale did not disappoint with his performance when it finally debuted. However, these new images show just how spooky the MCU’s newest villain could have looked if the film had used even more special effects and/or prosthetics to enhance Bale’s look for the character.

Describing Bales Gorr as the best MCU villain yet, director Taika Waititi took it a notch above what Cate Blanchett brought as Hela in 2017 Thor: Ragnarok. While it’s unclear if that creepy look would have contributed to Bale’s inclusion in the film, the only real complaint fans had about the character was that there wasn’t more of him in the film.

The MCU is certainly learning to allow more spooky elements into its storytelling, as evidenced by Doctor Strange 2 and some parts of moon knight on Disney+. While Gorr might not have looked quite as creepy as he might have in his final design, the MCU isn’t avoiding characters along the same lines.

Thor: Love and Thunder is now in cinemas worldwide.

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