Chris Evans shares his approach to dog training

It’s also owned by actor Chris Evans, making the couple’s selfies 10 times more “likeable” on Instagram.

Named after a character from the movie “Oliver & Company,” Dodger is a boxer mix that the Marvel star adopted in 2015.Couple of dysfunctional co-dependents,” Dodger has at least as many admirers as his famous owner, who this week announced a partnership with dog food company Jinx, a move that’s as on-brand as you can get for Evans, one of Hollywood’s most prolific dog dads.

Speaking to CNN, Evans discusses how Dodger inspired his new business venture, in which, according to a press release, he will “play an active role in the brand’s business and creative direction,” and the humbling joys of pet parenting.

This interview has been abridged and slightly edited for clarity.

CNN: I was told Dodger would be here and I see him walking around.

CHRIS EVANS: Yes / Yes. He’s back there.

Not exactly a dog to hold him on his lap during a zoom.

No, he could take up the whole frame.

I’m a passionate dog mom myself, so I wanted to ask you a little about your journey as a dog father and what inspired you to get involved with a company like this.

I mean we’re always looking for different partnerships and opportunities to expand and have fun with creativity beyond acting. I had actually been giving Dodger the Jinx treats for some time and he loved them, and then my store manager brought me this opportunity. When you actually sit down with the company you get to know the people, it’s so nice to meet people who have a common passion and who kind of seem like they’re really doing something good in the world and actually helping out. Then it’s a great product on top of that. It’s easy to follow. That just made sense to me.

What has fascinated me since having our dog just over a year ago has been the incredible responsibility I feel for her well being and health and how her well being directly impacts my mood as well. Tell me about your own experiences as a pet owner.

I mean it’s one of the trickiest things. My previous dog before Dodger had a lot of problems. He was an American bulldog so there were a lot of allergy issues and eye issues. And you know, they can’t tell you how they feel, and that’s the hardest part. So a good first step is to make sure you at least start with the basics of good nutrition. It’s incredibly important.

Her love for Dodger is well known. What has this relationship taught you about yourself? I have no children and as far as I know, neither do you. But it teaches you a lot about what it means to care for another being.

I mean it’s the responsibility, you know what I mean? It is that you must always be aware that you build your life around it. Whether you are away for a while or have long meetings, you always need to make time for walks and things like that. So it’s a challenge. It’s a tough fight, but I actually always enjoyed it. You know, it takes my mind off me.

Do you take Dodger with you when you travel or film?

Yes. Yes. Yes. Dodger has been on many film sets and he loves being on set. He’s a real social butterfly and everyone on set loves him. He is good; He’s a great mascot.

You need to give me some tips because my dog ​​is not good with other dogs. She is good with people, but definitely not like other dogs.

Have you ever gone to the dog park?

No, because she would fight dogs about ten times her size. She weighs nine pounds but has a big attitude.

Sure sure.

Have you always been like a big dog?

I mean, I like all dogs – really, really. Big, small, everything in between. I never really said I only want big dogs. I mean, I wouldn’t be surprised if I ended up with a really small one after Dodger just because they’re a lot easier to travel with. But no, I think some of the smaller dogs have some of the best personalities.

What do you think is special about Dodger? Because people love your relationship so much. What do you think is special about him compared to some other pets you’ve had?

Something about him feels brand new, like a brand new soul. There’s something about it – it’s very fresh and lively and alive and loving and happy and clean. And I mean, both metaphorically and physically. He is a very clean animal. But he’s just, I don’t know. There’s just something very light about him, you know? His eyes are wide open. His heart is wide open. He’s just a really sweet creature.

Iisn’t it amazing? What if you’re feeling down and you suddenly see the world through their eyes? How much change can there be in your day at any given time?

I mean, it’s an incredibly refreshing reset. I mean, Dodger, I’d say, is a relatively famous dog and he has no idea and he has no idea and he can never know. What a beautiful way to move through the world. What a clean way to move through the world. I mean, I’ve seen friends kind of become famous and change, and you know, you even have to keep an eye on yourself in that capacity to make sure your priorities are under control, but Dodger never has to. It’s not a dog’s makeup. I’m impressed what a dog is. I am very impressed with what they offer us. The fact that it really cannot be damaged. You know what I mean? No part of me needs to worry about any of this going to Dodger’s head. What an amazing thing.

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