Charlie Cox’s Daredevil returns in new She Hulk trailer

The new era of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is based on new and compelling characters added to the Red Brand List. On Disney+ in particular, Monica Rambeau, John Walker, Sylvie, Kate Bishop, Moon Knight and Kamala Khan made an instant impact in their respective series. Next up is Jennifer Walters, a superhero lawyer. She is better known as She-Hulk.

She Hulk will be the first “Hulk-titled” project in the MCU since 2008 The incredible Hulk. The show will follow Walters as she balances being the world’s most powerful attorney by customizing her cousin Bruce Banner’s powers.

She-Hulk is another addition to a thriving roster of next-gen Marvel heroes making their debut in Phase 4. Marvel Studios is known for creating characters that fans universally love. There’s no better place to give new characters the spotlight than San Diego Comic-Con.

Second official She-Hulk trailer brings back Daredevil

During the Marvel Studios panel in Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con, the cast of She Hulk entered the stage. Led by leading actress Tatiana Maslany, they brought the new official trailer for the upcoming Disney+ series.

Shockingly, the trailer ends with an all-too-familiar hero: Daredevil:


The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen hops onto the stage looking more alive than usual:

Daredevil She Hulk
Marvel Studios

The hero appears to be wearing a red and yellow version of his Netflix suit:
Marvel Studios

The full trailer can be seen below:

More Matt Murdock in the MCU

The Marvel Netflix era was one that laid the groundwork for what streaming Marvel content would be. There have been some ups and downs across the board, but there’s always been one constant: people love Daredevil.

Ever since Marvel Studios reintroduced these characters to their roster, they’ve wasted no time in rewarding fans of the Netflix series daredevil by bringing back Charlie Cox Spider-Man: No Way Home. The cameo was a little slice of fanservice masterclass by No way home, a testament to the popularity of Cox’s Matt Murdock. He shows up for a cup of coffee and in many ways steals the show.

Now he is appearing in action for the first time She Hulk. Since She Hulk series was announced, it was rumored that Daredevil is likely to make an appearance. That his first appearance will be revealed in the trailer comes as a surprise to many, especially given the announcement of Daredevil: Reborn, an 18-episode Disney+ series slated for release in Spring 2024.

Daredevil springs into action to appear to support Jen Walters, classic Daredevil acrobatics and patented batons in hand. But the suit is what’s getting all the attention on the internet.

The original red and yellow suit will be seen in live action for the first time. This nod to the traditional Daredevil suit is something comic book fans have been waiting for. With the suit playing such a big part in Matt Murdock’s story on the Netflix series, it will be interesting to see how the upgrade plays into the story.

There are so many things to be happy about She Hulk. Reintroduction to the hulk Franchising through this new character is an advantage the Marvel Cinematic Universe has over any competitor. The simple fact that Daredevil will be a part of it will propel this series to the top of many hype lists.

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