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Our last update regarding the big Star Trek Universe panel at San Diego Comic-Con focuses on a legacy show that didn’t get much attention in the new Star Trek shows on Paramount+, Star Trek: Deep Space Ninee.

Bring back DS9 characters?

Picard will connect even more characters from Star Trek: The Next Generation and at least two characters Traveller appear on Star Trek: Child Prodigybut Deep Space Nine did not receive the same attention in the Trek shows of the 24th century. An upcoming exception came from the Comic-Con trailer for lower decks, which revealed the show will visit the station in Season 3. and the panel with showrunner Mike McMahan promised, “You might see some friendly faces there.”

Deep Space Nine in Lower decks S3 trailer

During Q&A at Comic-Con, a fan asked Executive Producer Alex Kurtzman if there had been any discussion about “rewatching.” [DS9] and keeping us updated on those characters.” Kurtzman was cautious in his response, but revealed that some conversations were going on about the show:

I try to answer your question without revealing anything. I think you keep talking about Star Trek history. And obviously, Sisko is a critical, critical figure for everyone. So there were definitely discussions.

Besides stating that there have been discussions about DS9, Kurtzman’s comment that he is “not revealing anything” indicates that there is at least something to do with DS9 beyond what has been shown Lower decks. A good guess might be a visit with one or more characters from the show during the third season of Picard, which was hinted at by showrunner Terry Matalas. Michael Dorn’s Worf will of course be on the show, and yes he was a main character for a good part of DS9, but that’s probably not what Matalas meant since Worf is a part of there Picard’s TNG sendoff season.

Kurtzman further explained what it would take to revisit DS9 and/or these characters:

What I can tell you is that we don’t want to just start something for ourselves without saying, “Oh, now we have a new idea.” A new reason to do it, a way to take it in a new direction so that it not only repeats what you’ve seen before, but also honors what you love. So if we ever go down this path other than what we’re already doing Lower decksI think we all want to make sure it comes from that place, to be able to tell a new story while honoring the old one.

So it doesn’t sound like it Deep Space Nine will be a big factor in each of the two Star Trek shows that Kurtzman said are currently in development. And for what it’s worth, the show is getting a lot of attention from IDW Publishing, who announced a new ongoing Star Trek comic book series that will focus on Sisko returning from the Bajoran wormhole following the DS9 series finale.

Black and White Preview for Star Trek #1 (IDW)

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