Chabad Mother brings beauty and warmth to your walls

When her first child was born, Mrs. Keren Gordon put her art on hold. Then she discovered that creativity and motherhood go together as beautifully as the colors in her paintings.

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For as long as she can remember, Mrs. Keren GordonHis happy spot was in front of a canvas, with charcoal pencils or a brush in hand.

However, after the birth of her first child, she stopped painting. Hiding her art, she reassured herself that today she would throw herself into that joyous, sacred role, and someday, when her children are grown, she will pick up her pastels and pick up where she left off.

A few years later, however, Mrs. Gordon ran into trouble. She had written for Anash Chinuch, an organization that does publicity Chinuch al Taharas Hakodesh, and she wanted to include images that would win the hearts of her readers. However, finding such images proved difficult.

Unable to find a satisfactory alternative, she returned to the art table and began creating masterpieces to complement her online Torah content. However, after rediscovering her passion for creative expression, she found she didn’t want to stop.

Before long, her home in Kingston, PA was filled with paintings depicting scenes from kedusha – a gilded bais hamikdash on an acrylic bed in dramatic red tones, watercolor paintings of children doing mitzvot and paintings of the Rebbe that are remarkably lifelike. Then others began to admire and buy her work, and her new business took off.

Like many artists, Mrs. Gordon faced a major hurdle: perfectionism. Countless paintings were left unfinished and discarded in search of a more perfect product. Then one day, while visiting another artist’s home, something intriguing caught her attention.

“Every corner of her house was filled with paintings,” Gordon told “Some were better than others, and I was most in awe of the imperfect ones. She had the courage to hang them on her walls. This painting had something to say, and the message trumped any expression of her perfect ability. Her art gave me the power to create my own imperfect works.”

When it comes to creating paintings for her home and that of others, Keren Gordon places great importance on both the physical beauty of her pieces and the sacredness they represent. She gains inspiration from the Rebbe’s words about the akeres habayis that beautifies your home both physically and spiritually.

Gordon’s masterful acrylics are among her most successful, with images of the Rebbe and artistic renderings of the Bais Hamikdash proving extremely popular. As a friend put it: “The warmth and vibrancy of these paintings brighten up my home. What better way to decorate than with the masterful strokes of Keren’s brush?”

As for Mrs. Gordon, she’s learned that her screen time doesn’t have to detract from her dedication to motherhood – in fact, she thinks the two complement each other quite well.

“Hashem gives us our unique gifts for a purpose,” said Mrs. Gordon. “If we allow our soul to express itself, we will have more life within us Avocado’s Hashem!”

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