Captain Marvel’s new Hellfire Gala costume honors their cosmic potential

Captain Marvel just debuted a new look at this year’s Hellfire Gala, where the heroine got a look worthy of her incredible cosmic potential.

Warning! Spoilers for X-Men: Hellfire Gala #1 from Marvel Comics

Carol Danvers has some of the most incredible powers in the Marvel Universe and Captain Marvel’s New Hellfire Gala Costume shows her true cosmic potential. Featuring new cover art by Erica D’Urso, who recently appeared on the cover of Black Panther #7 from Marvel Comics, Captain Marvel gets a new look that she recently debuted Hellfire Galaas the ensemble perfectly emphasizes her cosmic nature.

During her time on the pages of Marvel Comics, Carol Danvers has undergone some notable costume changes, as the hero’s role in the universe has changed significantly over the past fifty years. Originally, Danvers sported a similar look to the original Captain Marvel after taking the mantle from Ms. Marvel, albeit with a much more concise design. One of her most iconic looks came in the late ’70s when her lightning-fast bodysuit ensemble became her most recognizable appearance under her moniker Ms. Marvel. However, after briefly becoming Binary, Danvers later became Marvel’s new Captain Marvel, as her Jamie McKelvie-designed costume remains her best look to date. Now the hero gets another new outfit for the X-Men Hellfire Gala.


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Marvel Comics revealed Captain Marvel’s new take on the cover for Black Panther #7, showing the heroine’s new look, which she debuted at this week’s Hellfire Gala. Artist Erica D’Urso’s cover gives Carol Danvers an understated look compared to some of her fellow heroes and mutant high fashion ensembles. Danvers wears a black crop top with matching blue pants and a jacket – accented with gold jewelry. While Captain Marvel didn’t opt ​​for a bombastic, show-stealing costume in celebration of mutant culture, the inside of her jacket showcases her cosmic potential, as the starry lining is the perfect way to illustrate her extraordinary powers. Check out Durso’s cover art variation below.

Captain Marvel Hellfire Gala Costume

The new costume looks great, but sadly, readers rarely see Captain Marvel in it Hellfire Gala One shot from Marvel Comics. In the book, the reader only briefly sees Carol Danvers in her cosmic ensemble in a somewhat obscured background shot. Considering the great looks, it’s a shame it wasn’t given more prominence in the actual Hellfire Gala comic.

While Carol Danvers’ new costume may have only had a brief appearance in the Hellfire Gala Comic, readers can see the look being spotlighted in more detail on the variant cover art Black Panther #7 by Marvel Comics. The variant of Erica D’Urso there Captain Marvel a spectacular new look that does justice to the hero’s cosmic nature. The cover is available now in comic book stores.

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