Canadian music icon enlists Toronto’s help to rescue a raccoon trapped on a pole

Though a signature Toronto raccoon encounter is usually a delightful, harmless experience, there have been a number of recent raccoon antics that have been far more stressful for both the city’s unofficial mascots and the people who love them She.

TO’s trash pandas just love to get themselves into trouble, and when they’re not breaking into Tim Horton’s premises or people’s homes, they’re getting trapped on bridges, rooftops, condo balconies and more.

On Friday, another furry friend of town was spotted stuck in a very tight situation that was way too high off the ground to get out of.

A concerned resident took to Twitter just before noon today to warn the city of a young raccoon stuck several stories up in the air on a streetlight near Richmond and Jarvis.

Based on the posted photo, the poor guy doesn’t seem to be able to move from the very tiny spot at the very high chasm.

Of course, people were quick to try to help the little guy and have continued to turn to the relevant authorities for help, including 311, the Toronto Fire and emergency services such as the Toronto Wildlife Center, the latter what said Unfortunately they are unable to respond to situations via social media and asked that someone call them instead.

The city, meanwhile, said it couldn’t do anything for 24 hours, and the poster said it was concerned the animal might not have that long.

All afternoon, people worried about the creature’s fate and tried to find someone to help them.

β€œCANADA IS WATCHING!! Please help this little guy.” a person wrote.

“Oh my god, he must be overheating! come on @311Toronto in 24 hours if he’s alive up there he needs serious medical attention.” Another said.

Others said they did were in tears about the situation.

Even Canadian music icon Jann Arden joined the conversation, saying She would offer a very unique reward to anyone who could free the baby.

“DEAR PEOPLE [of] TORONTO!!! Help this little raccoon!!! Come on!! Who wants to do that??? I’m taking you to lunch!!!” she pleaded to her 366,000 followers.

It appears that at the time of publication, while people are still watching the creature’s predicament, the raccoon is still stuck on the perch on a hot, sunny day that feels like 28C, and has been for quite a while Hours.

Hopefully the call from Arden and the rest of the panicked public can help bring them down, though Toronto Animal Services has insured People that “raccoons often climb up streetlights, but can climb down safely; usually when there are no people around.”

“We will continue to monitor the next 24 hours and assess whether assistance is needed,” they added.

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