Brooklyn Beckham fuels rumors of a family feud between Victoria Beckham and Nicola Peltz by choosing to take her family on vacation

July 27, 2022 / Posted by: Mieka

*CODE RED* *CODE RED* Brooklyn Beckham didn’t join his family on their European megayacht vacation, he joined his New Family celebrating mum Nikola furCelebrating Memaw’s 94th Birthday and “thanked her for welcoming him into her “beautiful family.”Brooklyn and Nicola have only been married for three months, according to The Daily Mail, a family feud between Brooklyn’s mother Victoria Beckham and Nicola has escaped and has already reached scorched earth territory. Relatively speaking.

The troubles reportedly started when Victoria and her husband David Beckham didn’t sit with the Peltz family at the couple’s April wedding and have since morphed into genteel violence – The two most important women in Brooklyn’s life have stopped gushing in their respective comment sections on Instagram. And now, as they say in Petty Olde England, things haveheated up” and Nicola’s cruelest instincts kicked in. According to The Daily Mail:

Nicola Peltz seems to have run the gauntlet again in her alleged feud with mother-in-law Victoria Beckham by posting a video of her husband Brooklyn gushing about joining their “beautiful family” – as he was with his parents and siblings in the Holidays instead went to spending time with his wife’s relatives.

Fans have been wondering for weeks if Brooklyn’s singer and fashion designer Victoria Beckham had a falling out with her new daughter-in-law after noticing the couple – who used to be flirting with each other’s pictures online – had been virtually silent for quite a while.

Now it appears Brooklyn, 23, is siding with his wife in the alleged row as he missed a trip with all his family – they are currently holidaying on a mega yacht in Europe – and instead joined Nicola’s siblings celebrates her grandmother Bunny’s 94th birthday on Sunday.

The 27-year-old actress – who tied the knot with the aspiring chef in May – flaunted her husband’s fidelity by posting an adorable clip from Brooklyn of meeting the 94-year-old Peltz matriarch at the celebration read a birthday card on Instagram thanking her for welcoming him into her “beautiful family.”

Nicola shared a glimpse of the loving moment between her husband and grandmother, making it clear that she and Brooklyn are as close as it gets as rumors continue to swirl that the Peltzs and Beckhams are at odds.

Here’s Brooklyn and Nicola effectively stabbing Victoria in the back with 94 birthday candles sharpened to a deadly point. And they fucking laugh! Sick.

As for Victoria, she may be sitting, but she doesn’t take that flagrant insult when she sits down.

This jet ski was probably meant to go to Brooklyn, but no, what did he have to avoid his birth family for? Real birthday cake with buttercream frosting? Never mind that he’s just been to Europe for his honeymoon (Vogue Cooking must be offering a very generous vacation package) and probably already has enough jet skis to film a reboot Baywatch with his wife, should she decide to work at this stage in her life”career.” It’s the disrespect. And as if this feud wasn’t turmoil enough for the newlywed, Nicola has gone tan and thrown the entire universe into chaos. Trouble in Paradise – your pet names are Mr. and Mrs. WIFEY.

Thankfully, the universe at large continues on its regularly scheduled chaotic trajectory. But that was a close decision for all of us.

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