Britney Spears slams mum Lynne over leaked texts: ‘You abused me’

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Don’t hold back. Britney Spears hit her mother Lynne Spearsfor allegedly lying about her involvement in the pop star’s 13-year conservatorship after sharing her old text messages online.

“Yo Ma did you also let people know this is one of the few times you text me back???” the “Toxic” singer, 40, wrote via Instagram on Monday, July 25, claiming , her mother, 67, hid caffeine from her and urged her to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. “Did you tell them every morning when I was looking for coffee there were no pictures of me in the kitchen, only Maddie and Jamie Lynn ???”

Britney continued: “Did you tell them how you were at my beach house when I couldn’t even have the keys to my car??? Did you tell them I do 3 AA meetings a week if I hate alcohol??? …Did you tell them when conservatory started that you and Bryan’s wife would go out every night drinking wine and having your stupid photos taken when I had nowhere to go or my boyfriend anymore? …Did you tell them two weeks before the conservatorship started that it was already planned???”

In her post, the Crossing star accused her mother of “gambling[ing] the responsible, perfect parent,” claiming that Lynne was as involved in parenting behind the scenes as Britney’s father, Jamie Spears. “You all ruined it for me… I don’t remember ever getting a text from you guys!!!” Britney wrote, later adding, “You have nerve showing your texts when you know yours.” hurt me so much [sic] not even funny!!!”

Britney Spears bangs mom Lynne Spears 3

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The “Sometimes” singer closed her post by claiming that Lynne “abused me… yeah, I’ll say it.” And it blows my mind that you’re still playing the praying mother!!!” She followed that up by sharing a picture of an old one Ellen of Unworth Photo shoot, along with the caption “KEEP IT CLASSY YALL 💋💋💋”.

Britney’s fiery message comes a day after she shared screenshots of texts she allegedly sent to a friend, a lawyer and Lynne while she was in a psychiatric facility. The Grammy winner claimed she’s never heard from anyone, even after telling her mother she was worried about her health. In response, Lynne posted the screenshots Britney’s friend shared to prove she had been supportive of her daughter during her time at the facility, along with a message of her own.

“Britney I have all ‘full calls’ too!” wrote the mother-of-three via Instagram. “I feel sorry for you that you feel like the people who love you the most have betrayed you! Let me come to you! I love you!” Us weekly has reached out to both Britney and Lynne for comment.

The pop star – who married the actor Sam Asgari at her home in California last month – had previously accused her mother of not supporting her during her 13-year conservatory term, which officially ended in November 2021. “Psssss my dad started conservatory maybe 13 years ago…but what people don’t know is that my mom is the one who gave him the idea!!!!” Britney claimed at the time in a since-deleted post. “I’ll never get those years back…she secretly ruined my life.”

She continued, “So take your whole ‘I have NO IDEA what’s going on’ attitude and beat yourself up!!!! You know exactly what you did.”

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