Bridgerton season 3 thankfully ditches the book

Dear readers, Bridgeton Season 3 is being filmed – which means the romance of Penelope Featherington and Colin Bridgerton will soon be hitting the small screen. Fans of Julia Quinn’s novels will note that the season’s Netflix synopsis differs significantly from the corresponding book in the season Bridgeton Series, A romance with Mr. Bridgerton. This might be confusing, but it might be for the best, given the mixed reception of Season 2. Kate and Anthony’s romance was not identical to The viscount who loved me and all the changes sparked conversations about which creative direction was the best. Bridgeton Season 3 will continue to go its own way with established characters.

Bridgeton Fans know that season three will continue Penelope and Colin’s personal journeys as their love story takes center stage. Her developing romantic dynamic has always been in Bridgeton‘s peripheral vision because the show is aware of its source material, confirming the pair will eventually reunite. Until then, Bridgeton threw in tons of drama, including Penelope overhearing Colin that he would never court her in the season 2 finale. This dramatic scene is from the books, but what follows on the show will be very different. The friends to lovers trope remains intact and could be for the better with surprising twists.

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According to Netflix’s synopsis, “Following this heartbreak, Penelope moves away from her crush on Colin and is determined to find a husband who will allow her the independence to continue her work as Lady Whistledown.” Colin’s unkind moment — even out of context ripped – could be the tantalizing incident that will further encourage Penelope to pursue her career path. This puts Penelope in a position to navigate the 19th-century marriage market from a very specific perspective… not unlike Daphne and Edwina in the first two seasons. The blurb perhaps purposely omits whether Penelope is looking for a “love match,” because her motivation isn’t driven by romantic love, but by her passion for her work as Whistledown.

Though Penelope is admirable most of the time, Penelope’s devotion to Whistledown rightfully creates a rift between her and her best friend, Eloise Bridgerton. Hopefully Season 3 will recognize the women’s friendship as a significant part of the season, essentially on the same level as Penelope’s romance with Colin. While the fallout from their friendship might make a romance with Eloise’s older brother more uncomfortable, their reconciliation won’t only depend on Penelope’s romantic prospects. It sounds like the former best friends will have some interpersonal drama of their own when Eloise “finds an unlikely new boyfriend in Season 3.” The rumor mill will be spinning around the identity of this new friend until Season 3 premieres.

There is also a possibility that Whistledown herself will write about Eloise’s new friendship like she did about Eloise and Theo in season 2. The mere possibility of this or any other creative path for the young women gives the on-screen friendship of Penelope and Eloise more depth than the narratives contained in the books do not always allow. Ditto for the romance of the season as Penelope attracts suitors for a proposal to ensure her independence. As she does so, Netflix says that “Colin quickly realizes he’s losing his longtime girlfriend and wants to win her back.” That pivotal moment is another point at which Bridgeton differs from A romance with Mr. Bridgertonmaybe for the better.

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Colin “offers to help Penelope gain her confidence to better attract a proposal.” Colin’s help can be encouraging Bridgeton Fans to draw parallels between Polin’s arrangement and what Daphne and Simon found early in season one. Intent and motivation are important, and Daphne and Penelope have different perspectives on both. Not to mention that Simon Basset and Colin Bridgerton are very different men. There may be superficial resemblances when jealousy flares up between Colin and Penelope’s suitors – but make no mistake, Penelope and Colin’s love story will be their own. There will also be plots that have nothing to do with it.

Colin’s lessons, which are “starting to work a little too well”, are absent from the source material. Penelope longs for Colin and falls in love with him while gradually seeing Penelope in a new light. The season 3 synopsis places Colin in a new place where “he must grapple with the possibility that his feelings for Penelope are not strictly platonic” while she is actively pursuing marriage options with other people. Up to this point, Penelope has been head over heels in love with Colin while he appreciates their friendship but is thankfully unaware of their romantic feelings. Allegedly, Bridgeton plans to turn those tables in Season 3 by drawing on the fact that Penelope has fallen Firstbut Colin will inevitably fall heavier.

Bridgerton seasons 1 and 2 are available to stream now on Netflix.

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