Bowers & Wilkins Px7 S2 Headphones Review: High quality over-ear headphones

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  • The Bowers & Wilkins Px7 S2 are performance-oriented over-ear headphones where style is just as important as function.
  • The crystal clear sound and 30 hour battery life are worth the investment.
  • In an era where I’ve almost always gone for in-ear headphones, the Px7 S2 are a solid option for traveling and for intense listening sessions.

OVER-EAR Headphones have never been my thing. Where would I keep them after I got off the subway? Don’t they get gross and slippery if I wear them during an intense workout? At the risk of disturbing my perfectly styled hood, I figured sticking to a classic pair of earbuds would always be the way to go (AirPods Pro were a staple in my left pocket).

But then I was transported back to London, England to the O2, a packed arena of 20,000 people screaming their heads off as British girl group Little Mix opened one of their last 3 shows ever with the absolute breakup hit “Shout Out to My Ex”. I honestly thought I’d never end up in the UK again, but somehow a quick stream of her track was on Spotify and I was instantly a total fangirl again, only jetlagged – all thanks to the song being played by the Bowers & Wilkins Px7 S2 becomes.

Let’s just say calling them incredible would be an understatement.

designs and functions

Bowers and Wilkins plays no favours, ensuring that the overall design of the Px7 S2 is just as premium as its features. Your ears don’t have to worry about feeling pinched or suffocated thanks to the memory foam ear cushions that keep things at a comfortable level without letting in outside noise. Like someone who danced around their apartment to bring some joy to Sunday cleaning, I’ve also had minimal complaints of sweating during a decent dose of activity while wearing these.

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The headphones themselves are incredibly light and slim, eliminating the fear that it will look like you’ve got an obnoxiously clunky piece of tech wrapped around your head when you’re using them. Not to mention that the extra touches just make the headphones feel “expensive, but I’ll keep that to myself”. The subtle premium design suits them well without being too intrusive. And if plain black isn’t your preferred color option for headphones, choose between the blue and gray Px7 S2s. Touching the left earcup takes you to the settings that accompany the headphones’ noise-cancelling feature.

On the other side, you’ll see a toggle for on/off and Bluetooth pairing. There’s also the USB-C port if you need to charge your Px7 S2s, and wired playback – you still need to charge and be ready if you use a cable – on the right.


If my opening remarks about literally feeling like I’ve been teleported around the world while wearing these headphones didn’t establish enough authority, let me repeat it. In terms of effectiveness level with the Px7 S2s, they are effective. They are Furthermore Effective. In fact, they honestly changed my whole approach to listening to music.


As I mentioned earlier, I’ve never been much of a headphone snob. On planes, I usually opted for a cheap pair of wires that I wouldn’t sleep over if I accidentally ended up lying between the aisle and middle seats. When listening to music in my own home, headphones weren’t even a thought. And sure, I’m not saying I use my Px7 S2 exclusively every day and every hour, but I know its performance. I know they have a reliable 30 hour battery life. I know their strength and what they can do in terms of overall dynamics, tone and noise reduction.

They’ve almost become special occasion headphones; It’s a treat every time I use them, so it’s best not to abuse a good thing.


Die-hard gamers spend $700 like it’s Monopoly money to get a Playstation 5. People moving into new homes spend upwards of $1,000 or more on a new couch, television, or other household essentials. It’s about the investment. And if you’re willing to open your wallet and shell out $399, you’ll get what you paid for when it comes to these Bowers & Wilkins headphones.

It might seem like a lot, but when you compare it to other popular models of headphones – AirPods for $299, Beats for $350 – you’re not really spending too much more on a product that you’ll be using for a very, very long time.

Final Verdict

That might be the best advice I’ve ever given anyone: go get them. At the moment. Like, really. Click the Shop Now button, add them to your cart and have them shipped. You can move your fingers faster. Before they sell out, hurry!

You will not regret it.


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