Bold & Beautiful: Finn is reunited with Taylor, Ridge, Kelly and Hayes

At Forrester Creations, Brooke, Eric and Thomas are stunned when Liam and Hope bring them the news that Finn is alive. He’s been through hell, but he’s very much alive. Everyone beams excitedly. Hope and Liam explain that they haven’t been able to reach Steffy or Taylor and Ridge to let them know. They all wonder it’s just crazy and smile a lot more.

On the Spencer jet, Bill encourages Finn to close his eyes, but the doctor is too excited. He says that thinking about Steffy and the kids was all that kept him going during those days with Sheila. Bill suspects it must have been torture. Finn raves that it won’t be long before he sees his wife again. Bill hands over his phone and urges Finn to try Steffy again. He leaves her another message: “I’m coming to be with you baby. We’ll be together again soon, I promise.” He separates, sighs, and looks out the window at the passing clouds.
Finn jet phone B&B

In Monaco, Taylor and Ridge meet with Steffy’s doctor, who reassures them that she is receiving the best possible care. They want to see her, but the woman admits she doesn’t know where she is. Ridge dreads the thought of her missing. The doctor explains that she likes to take her time to heal, so she doesn’t know where she went at the moment.

In a scenic view, Steffy stands alone, wearing sunglasses and a black dress, looking out over the water.
Steffy View B&B

At Forrester Creations, Liam and Hope have told the others everything they know. Brooke is grateful that Bill found Li and brought him home. Eric chuckles when he thinks about how great Steffy’s reunion with Finn is going to be. Liam knows Kelly will freak out. Thomas wonders that it will be priceless when Steffy sees him for the first time.

On the Spencer jet, Bill decides to give Ridge one more try, hoping he pulls through this time.

In their suite, Ridge is irritated to get a call from Bill, but Taylor urges him to take it. Bill asks if Taylor is with him and Ridge says, “Yes.” Bill gets Ridge to put him on speakerphone and then tells them to prepare – he has incredible news. “Best news ever.” Ridge asks impatiently, “What is this?!” They scratch their heads in confusion when Bill announces that he is on his jet with her son-in-law en route to Monaco. “Finn’s alive.” Bill says, grinning that he knows it’s the mother of all shocks, and hands the phone to Finn, who says, “Taylor, Ridge, it’s me. I’m alive.” Taylor and Ridge gasp and have to sit down.
Taylor Ridge pants B&B

Finn tells them that Li kept him alive, Sheila got involved… he’ll explain everything later, but he’s dying to get in touch with Steffy. Still gleefully, they promise to text him the name of their hotel and take the kids there since they don’t know where Steffy is right now. Finn disconnects and tells Bill that Steffy wasn’t there, but that won’t stop him – they’ll be together soon.

At the view, Steffy takes off her glasses and, overcome with emotion, shakes her head and asks, “Why, Finn? Why?”

At Forrester Creations, Liam says his father’s plane should have landed by now, and Hope squeals at the thought of the happy ending to come. Eric and Thomas are amazed at how quickly things can change. Brooke can only imagine how Ridge and Taylor will feel about this.

In their suite, Ridge and Taylor are beside themselves at the thought of Finn alive. There’s a knock on the door – it’s Finn and Bill. Ridge, overwhelmed, pulls Finn into a bear hug and his son-in-law bursts into tears. Taylor hugs him next. Bill announces that he will leave her alone to celebrate. Finn thanks him and he tells the doctor that no thanks are needed. Bill turns to leave, but Ridge stops him. “Thanks Bill. I owe you a debt.” Bill is just glad he could help.

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After Bill leaves, Finn promises to answer all of Taylor and Ridge’s questions, but he needs to see his family. They don’t know where Steffy is, but the kids are nearby. Another knock on the door and Ridge opens – it’s the kids. Finn is happily reunited with Kelly and Hayes.
Finnish children's B&B

At the view, Steffy opens her locket, which contains photos of her and Finn and the kids. She looks sad and discouraged.

In the suite, Taylor has taken Hayes for a nap and Finn tells Kelly he misses her like crazy. She asks, “Never leave again, I promise?” Finn Pinky promises. She asks why mom isn’t here. Finn has to get her. Taylor assures the girl that he will be right back. Finn tells Kelly that when they come back they will be family again. Kelly hugs him around the neck. Finn asks to borrow a phone and then goes to find Steffy.

At Forrester Creations, Hope, Liam, Thomas and Brooke discuss how happy everyone there and at the hospital will be when it is known that Finn is alive. Eric knows he will need time with his family. Brooke gushes that it’s been an incredible blessing in so many ways.

In the suite, Taylor and Ridge hang out with Kelly while she draws pictures of her family. Ridge sums up that once Mommy and Daddy find each other, they will be family again.

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Finn looks for Steffy all over Monaco on the sidewalk and finally thinks he has found her, but it is a girl in a different dress than Steffy…

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