Bold & Beautiful: Brooke tricks Deacon into leaving her home when Ridge arrives with Taylor

On the Forrester jet, Finn, Steffy, and Taylor laugh as Finn says the kids are asleep and Ridge is pinned under them and asleep too. As Steffy and Finn kiss, Taylor gushed about how happy she was – it’s a milestone for her family! As the flight continues, Taylor relives the kiss with Ridge in her mind and smiles. Steffy notices and questions her.

With Brooke, she’s excited to see Ridge and gushes to Hope that he must be overjoyed. The conversation turns to Sheila still being out there and Brooke vows not to let it consume her. Hope asks if Ridge ever said anything about the selfie she posted. “It shouldn’t be a big deal.” Brooke only spoke to him once, but he was busy and in a hurry. Hope apologizes again when Deacon walks in and asks, “Sorry, huh?” Brooke gapes, “Seriously?!” He just went back into her house. Deacon cheekily replies that he heard through the rumor mill (pointing at Hope) that Ridge was on a plane and took the opportunity to see his two favorite ladies.
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At Carter’s house, he and Quinn are in bed, grinning from ear to ear. She breathes: “Ah, that’s life” and wants to make a pact. He’s there no matter what it is. Quinn thinks they need to make it a tradition to skip work at least once a month and spend the day in bed. “We need to celebrate” you kiss. Carter tells Quinn how great she looks in his bed. She purrs that he looks pretty great himself. Carter tried to give her up, but it wasn’t possible. Quinn is so proud that she is learning to love him.

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Carter summarizes that Quinn was committed to Eric and he was trying to move on. “I still can’t believe you’re here.” Quinn assures him she’s not going anywhere. The conversation turns to Ridge – Carter spoke to him last night and he’s never heard his friend sound happier. Quinn doesn’t want Ridge talking in bed and can think of another way to pass the time. They start loving each other.
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At Brooke, Deacon explains that being with Hope and Brooke makes him feel rooted in something good – he would never come around if Ridge was there. Brooke feels like she’s sneaking around behind her husband’s back and wonders if she’s overreacting. Hope thinks she might be paranoid about the selfie. Deacon asks why she took it down and surmises that Brooke was afraid of offending Ridge’s delicate sensibilities. Brooke wants to show her husband that she is devoted to him, and when he gets home, Deacon can’t be there. Deacon agrees.

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On the Forrester jet, Steffy tells Finn they’ll celebrate him every day once they get home. Taylor opens up about the miracle they experienced after landing in Monaco. Finn goes to wake Ridge and the kids and Steffy turns to her mother. “You seem distracted by something other than Finn and I.” Taylor insists that all she cares about is Finn alive. “It’s the best feeling in the world.” They hug.
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With Carter, Quinn is so happy to be in his arms. They go over how long they’ve been hiding their feelings from everyone, including themselves and each other. Quinn is glad she got to this crazy wedding in time to save him from himself. They start making out again.

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At Forrester Creations, Hope asks Deacon if he’s okay – he seems a little sad. He shrugs. “It shows, huh?” Hope knows how he feels about her mother and how it hurts to be rejected. Deacon takes care of Brooke and at the end of the day just wants her to be happy. However, he doubts that she will ever find true happiness with Ridge. Hope realizes that in Deacon’s eyes, he will never be good enough for her mother. Deacon asks, “If there’s no residual feelings for Taylor, why hasn’t he fully committed to your mother again?”

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Brooke is surprised when Ridge arrives home with Taylor in tow. She asks how Monaco was and Ridge gushes, “It was amazing.” Taylor flinches a little as he walks over and kisses Brooke, who says she can only imagine how they’re feeling right now. Taylor and Ridge talk about how great it was when Finn showed up in Monaco – it was great to see Steffy smile again. Brooke is glad they’re home, especially Ridge. “I’ve missed you so.” They kiss and hug and Taylor and Ridge look at each other.

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Finn is overcome with emotion as he, Steffy and the kids walk through the cliff house’s door. So often he imagined being back there with them… it seemed far away at times. Steffy assures that he is back where he belongs. Finn spots a drawing of them as a family and Kelly says she drew it for him to come home to. They hug. “I missed you Finn.” Finn missed her too. Steffy, holding Hayes, welcomes her husband home. Steffy tells her husband how sad the house was when he was gone. But he’s here now – it’s a miracle. Finn imagined being there with them to endure his ordeal. Expressing their love, they kiss until Kelly yells “Mom!” Finn says, “Leave me,” and goes into the bedroom, where he comes out with both children and hands the baby to Steffy to proceed to tickle a delighted Kelly.
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