BLACKPINK and ‘PUBG’ continue their unlikely relationship with music video ‘Ready For Love’

Name a more iconic duo than BLACKPINK and… PUBG?

It’s actually not as crazy as it sounds, given that the Korean music powerhouse and the world-dominant battle royale game have teamed up multiple times over the past year. This culminated today with what some might even consider a “Metaverse moment,” the release of a CG BLACKPINK music video for their new song, “Ready for Love.” It takes place in a modified version of PUBG Mobile using some images from the game, with the girls in stylized avatar form.

Again, this isn’t as random as it sounds, given the length of time we’ve been working together. BLACKPINK actually received PUBG items in August 2021 that included bundles of each of the girls and also things like BLACKPINK gun skins and the like, and the collaboration appears to have been in the works well before that in Fall 2020.

Well, that must have worked really well because now things have escalated. Fortnite may have gotten Ariana Grande and Travis Scott to perform, but PUBG Mobile is currently in the midst of a Metaverse-like BLACKPINK concert series that will allow players to log in on specific dates to see virtual performances by the group in-game. That’s how the new track “Ready for Love” was pushed to the first place last week.

And then came this music video titled BLACKPINK X PUBG MOBILE – ‘Ready For Love’ M/V which is heavily based on the game even though the girls don’t shoot anyone throughout the video. Just dance and the virtual Lisa gets to ride a virtual motorbike. The crossover seems to be well received, already with 8 million views, trending #20 this morning, with a solid ratio of 1.8 million likes to 43,000 dislikes. Literally all of the top comments are in languages ​​I don’t speak, and in a way PUBG and BLACKPINK share a very, very global fan base.

These crossover deals are potentially very lucrative for everyone involved. While we don’t have any sales or earnings data on BLACKPINK and PUBG history here, it’s reported that Travis Scott earned around $20 million for his Fortnite collaboration, which included just a single, pre-rendered in-game achievement, selling skins and emotes It seems highly likely that working with BLACKPINK will likely make everyone involved pretty rich. Well richer.

Fortnite, meanwhile, has slowed down in terms of its big musical performances. The last big one was Ariana Grande’s “Rift Tour,” which took place almost a year ago in August 2021. The pandemic has reportedly delayed some plans, and rumors have suggested a previously planned Lady Gaga concert may actually take place one day. I also suspect Fortnite is trying to recruit Billie Eilish for a show given what a huge fan Fortnite boss Donald Mustard is of the singer, but we’ll see. Nothing has been announced from this camp for a while, so head over to PUBG to watch BLACKPINK instead. There is one more shot to see the performance on July 29-31.

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