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Book-to-OTT adaptations have gained significant momentum and are generally well received by audiences

In recent years, book-to-screen adaptation has become a big trend on streaming platforms. And after receiving these adaptations, audiences seem to love it. In last year’s Emmy nominations, book adaptations received 85 nominations. At the top were shows like The Handmaid’s Tale, The Queen’s Gambit, Bridgerton, The Flight Attendant and The Underground Railroad. In the local area, book-to-OTT adaptations such as Sacred Games, Grahan, Scam 1992, and A Fitting Boy have received positive reviews. According to the September 2021 estimate by review aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes, over 125 literary adaptations are in the works for streaming platforms. We take a look at what makes literary adaptations such a hit on OTT:

“Books have well-defined characters and thorough research, making adaptation easy”
Studio executives say literary adaptations are completed research and, in some cases, award-winning stories. Amit Dhanuka, EVP, Lionsgate says: “OTT platforms have created space for content that goes beyond the typical masala/commercial formula. As a digital streaming platform, we’re always looking for compelling stories. Books are a rich source of material with diverse stories – they are thought through with thorough research and well-defined characters, creating a universe of their own and making it a rich offering for adaptation.”

Officials at Netflix – which has many shows adapted from books such as Selection Day, Bard Of Blood, A Fitting Boy and Leila – say India has great literary works at its disposal. A spokesman said: “India, with its rich heritage of storytelling, offers a great opportunity to advance the great work of Indian writers.”

Ashish Golwalkar, Content Head, Sony Liv says: “Scam 1992: The Harshad Mehta Story and Avrodh: The Siege Within resulted in an increase in our total subscription. In fact, adapting a book adds authenticity and detail since the author has already put a lot of effort into the research. We will soon be Pulwama Key No. 1026, which is also a book adaptation.”

“The adaptability of a book depends on the potential of the story”

Content research teams say all major streaming platforms have teams dedicated to reading literary works and have regular meetings with publishers and literary agents. Gautam Talwar, Chief Content Officer, MX Player, says: “We have a team that searches books for literary adaptations. Queen and Samantar are two of our shows that have had great reviews and are both based on books. We also acquired the exclusive rights to adapt the book The Vijay Mallya Story. The team continues to read books and if there’s a book they think would be suitable for adaptation, they’ll suggest it.”

Books have well-defined characters and thorough research, making customization easy.

What makes a book suitable for film adaptation? Gautam says, “For web series, we’re looking for longer narratives where the characters can be justified. The adaptability of a book depends on whether there is potential in the story. Is the story worth telling? The process starts with the story, then comes the script and dialogue. With a book you already have a story. In India we have a vast literature across languages ​​and genres that has not yet been explored.”

The screen customization boosts the book's ratings and popularity

Internationally, many books have made it onto the Emmy nomination list

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