Big Brother spoilers: the leftovers are formed

By John Powell –

Many alliances are formed in each season of Big Brother. Most of them don’t even last a week before falling apart.

However, there could be something about the partnership struck during a meeting on the live feeds last night.

In the HoH room, Monte Turner explained in detail how he and Joseph had spoken to Taylor about her being able to stay this week as a new alliance is forming.

Monte said the other houseguests might be suspicious, but that doesn’t bother him because the Alliance would have the votes.

“It’s not about whether people vote with the House. It’s whether they vote with us or not,” said HoH Turner.

“Taylor is the final key because Michael and Brittany are head over heels now,” Monte continued.

“Taylor told me how she acts at pageants, that’s how she acted in here, and she needs to tone that down,” he said. “I told her something is up with a group that doesn’t include me, Turner, Kyle, Joseph, Michael, Brittany and her. Her eyes started to shine.”

Monte said they all need to get together tonight to make that big move.

Kyle explained that Daniel and Nicole are playing an emotional game and are blinded by their dislike of Taylor.

Joseph broke into the conversation and said he couldn’t take Taylor away from Jasmine because Jasmine was always talking to her. Joseph agreed with the group’s decision to target Ameerah and put her in Michael’s place once Michael uses the veto against himself. Right now Michael and Brittany are on the block.

“Brittany told me that Ameerah made her cry. She told her conflicting stories,” said Joseph, who alleges while Taylor miscommunicates with others, Ameerah actually lies to people.

With the group impatient to get their plan together, Joseph went downstairs to get Taylor.

As a pleasantly surprised Taylor sat down in the HoH room, she said she never intended to hurt anyone, but it’s up to Nicole and Daniel to speak to her in their own time about the issues they’re having with her .

“As far as the game goes, I’m open to anything that keeps me here and keeps me here for a while,” she said. Taylor is sure that she is at the bottom of any alliance she is separated from, such as the girls.

Brittany and Michael ended the group meeting at the HoH and Monte made a point of telling Brittany and Taylor that they were kicked out of the Girls Alliance.

“That has made you look inside from the outside,” he said.

Monte pointed out to her that during her HoH, the other girls were hanging out with Jasmine as a group without her.

“When we walked in, it was quiet like an empty church,” he said. “It came as a big surprise to everyone outside of this group that Pooch suddenly became a target last week.”

Monte named the group making the decisions Nicole, Ameerah, Alyssa, Jasmine and Indy.

“They have five girls as fat as thieves,” he said.

Everyone took turns declaring that they didn’t belong to any group and felt left out.

Taylor told everyone that she was “all in” with the alliance as they all stood up.

“Let’s play this game!” Kyle declared, calling Taylor a competitive animal.

“I’m fed up with this group running this damn house and it ends today!” said Joseph.

The group embraced, celebrated and dubbed themselves The Leftovers Alliance.

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