Ben Affleck was troubled by the crowds of paparazzi on his honeymoon with Jennifer Lopez in Paris

Since the “Let’s get this done before he changes his mind“Vegas Wedding of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez For the past month, pretty much every picture of Ben has affirmed that he has a face that captures all the negative emotions of these trying times. This was particularly evident on their honeymoon in Paris, where he basically looked like his mother drugged him to a birthday party for a classmate he doesn’t speak to.just to be polite.” Page Six reports that part of Ben’s problem was being disturbed by the presence of the paparazzi during their honeymoon (to one of the world’s most obvious cities to pose for pictures). But Ben better buckle up ’cause he’s got a day-long wedding commitment/”Celebration‘ comes now that the ink has dried on the marriage certificate, and I’m sure J.Lo has called every dad in a 5 state radius by now.

This isn’t Ben’s first time at the J.Lo/pap shitshow rodeo; Back when they were first engaged, their upcoming wedding was called off due to the expected frenzy that would ensue. about page six:

In 2002, the photogenic couple faced unprecedented media attention. They even had to postpone their first planned wedding in 2003 after being forced to go so far as to consider “bait brides” on their doomed big day.

In a statement released the day before the original wedding, they said, “Due to the excessive media attention surrounding our wedding, we’ve decided to move the date.” (And of course, they never moved that particular wedding.)

20 years later, things have not improved on the Pap front. Today’s Bennifer still lures her, and it was particularly important to Ben during their honeymoon last month.

“Ben freaked out a bit in Paris,” says the source. “That was a whole new level.” Adding, “an almost Princess Diana level.”

“Ben is used to the flashing lights,” says the source. “But he felt like the honeymoon was a tsunami. Jens is made of steel and knows it belongs to the territory [but] he’s still mad.”

When it comes to getting snapped, Jennifer is always on and ready, while Ben accidentally gave us all the angry reaction shots we need to express ourselves for the rest of 2022 after his sparkling 2020 contribution.

While Lopez, 53, looks perfect in every picture, Affleck always seems made for memes.

As befits a shot of Affleck, 49, on a recent trip on a Seine River cruise with Lopez and their respective children, shows him at the front of the Boat, asleep, with his mouth open.

In case you missed this:

He was also photographed Tears in my eyes at La Girafe, on the Place du Trocadéro in front of the Eiffel Tower.

And here it is:

Dad caught them too pair of interlocking lips at the restaurant Le Matignon, cuddle nearby the Elysée Palace and got pretty much everyone other moment of the journey.

And here he fulfills his only contractually obligated set of halfway carefree pictures:

But he seemed overwhelmingly upset most of the time:

Needless to say, Ben was annoyed by all the attention; it was written all over his face. I’d assume Jennifer was annoyed too, but for a different reason – there just wasn’t enough porridge! That’s ok, she’s always learning. She and her next husband will honeymoon at the Chateau Marmont, have dinner at Nobu Malibu every night, and visit all the Starbucks in LA – because the only thing Ben will ask for in a divorce is full rule over his one true love: dunkin.

picture: BauerGriffin/INSTARimages/Cover Pictures

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