BBC producer Sam McAlister interviews Prince Andrew

An interview for the books. former BBC Newsnight Manufacturer Sam McAlister shares some behind-the-scenes details of this infamous television interview Prince Andrew In 2019 it went off the rails.

“This started with an innocent email asking to do what we call a whoop,” the author said Us weekly exclusively on Tuesday, August 2, in front of her book, SCOOPS: Behind the scenes of the BBC’s most shocking interviewsto be published by Simon and Schuster in September.

“On trial day [for the interview]I would say [Prince Andrew] was in very good spirits,” continued McAlister. “He comes from a position of power and spent a few hours with us. [Then] He threw us a complete curveball: his daughter Princess Beatrice came to this final hearing.”

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The Duke of York is the second son of Queen Elizabeth the second and the late Prince Philip. The king previously made headlines for his friendship and past connection with Jeffrey Epstein who took his own life in August 2019 while serving time at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York.

After that, Andrew was charged with sexual assault Virginia Roberts Giuffre Amid the Epstein scandal, he denied the allegations during the aforementioned interview and noticeably tripped over himself during the interaction, leading many to believe he was guilty of the allegations.

Although Andrew stepped down from his royal duties amid the controversy, his daughters were Beatrice and eugenie, stood by his side. A source tells Us in December 2019 that the girls were “really supportive of their father” and believed “their father made a huge mistake in judging ever being associated with Jeffrey Epstein.”

For her part, McAlister couldn’t believe the Brit had let his daughter into the room to prepare for the interview. “I had done my own research… how is that supposed to work? What will he say, how will I present myself?” she shared Us. “And then he brought his daughter to negotiate the sensitive issues he was accused of. [To talk about] Those associations — which were damaging and horrifying — in front of his little daughter were very special.”

Although McAlister described the prince as “genius and easygoing” during the negotiation process, she noted how things quickly changed after he stepped in front of the camera.

“When he first started saying the exact same things that he had said to us in the confines of that private little room…I knew this was going to be an absolute fire starter,” she shared. “But the size of the fire grew bigger and bigger with each terrible answer.”

As a booker for the BBC, McAlister noted how important it was for her to share that “really essential part” of the interview with the public – as well as numerous other celebrity moments like Stormy Daniels, Julian Assange and more.

“That’s my story, that’s how the interview came about from the beginning, the first interaction, the first second,” she wrote about the book, which is now being filmed, with the title scoopreported meeting Last month. “I’ve written the book now that all litigation has been settled to be honest and I wanted to write this and tell my tiny part in this huge historical story.”

With reporting by Christina Garibaldi

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