At 57, Paulina Porizkova poses in a pink bikini

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  • Paulina Porizkova stuns with smiling bikini photo in Costa Rica
  • The former supermodel documents her week-long beach vacation with her loved ones.
  • She continues to use a hashtag “between jlo and Betty White” to celebrate aging.

    Whether Paulina Porizkova has a ‘Baywatch moment,’ pose naked to cross age limits or to post bikini photos, the former supermodel always looks stunning. And their trust cannot be denied body positivityand age positive attitude that is truly inspirational. Now the 57-year-old is adding another stunning shot to her Instagram grid. In her latest photo, Porizkova shows off incredibly toned abs and legs while wearing a pink string bikini in Costa Rica.

    In the post, the star flashes a wide smile as her gray blonde hair cascades down her shoulders. Captioning the picture lightheartedly, she writes: “When you ask your son to snap a bikini pic of you – and he’s 6ft 5 and too lazy to come down to get a better angle… 😁 #betweenjloandbettywhite #sunsetbeach #vacation # gratitude.” She can joke about the angle as much as she wants, but we think the photo is absolutely adorable.

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    Days before the stunning shot, Porzikova shared news with fans via Instagram that she’s taking a week-long trip to Hermosa Hills, also known as her “happy place.” The star is vacationing there with her son, best friend and goddaughter to celebrate their birthdays. She revealed in the same post that while she was “endlessly grateful” for the “enchanted life” she’s living, she was “a little overwhelmed” and taking this time to “recharge.”

    Known for promoting anti-aging culture, the star regularly uses the hashtag #betweenjloandbettywhite in her photos, including the recent Costa Rican bikini photo. you previously shared with Yahoo! that she regularly uses the hashtag to celebrate aging.

    “You either have the middle-aged woman who looks incredible and doesn’t look her age, or the really older woman who looks absolutely her age but doesn’t act her age,” Porizkova explained. “There is no celebration of actual age.”

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    Porizkova often voices her thoughts on ageism and even leads a panel on AginG (where she thanked friend Christie Brinkley for making aging look funny). She also started the “#oldandugly” movement, which sparked ideas about old age and inspired hundreds of women to embrace themselves by sharing their own bikini photos. And on her 57th birthday, the icon posted a no makeup selfiewrites, “Getting older is a wondrous thing indeed – and none of us should ever be anything but proud of our numbers.”

    The former supermodel, pro-aging activist and all-around icon never shy away from being herself. Porizkova always shows everything, literally and figuratively, and we can’t wait to see how she inspires us next.

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