Artists scheduled to perform at Ever After Music Festival announce their cancellation

A little over a week before the Ever After Music Festival begins, a number of artists have taken to social media to announce that their shows have been cancelled.

The popular electronic dance music festival is scheduled for August 12-14 at Burl’s Creek in Oro Medonte, but the council refused the organizer a special event permit on July 21.

About a week later, the festival said on social media that planning was going ahead and the decision would be appealed, but according to the municipality, there was no such procedure.

“I think it would be extremely difficult to meet the criteria within that timeframe,” Mayor Harry Hughes told CTV News in a previous interview. “When the report was presented to the council, none of the agencies had agreed, nor had any guarantees been posted to ensure people were paid in connection with the event.”

On July 29, two days after the festival went live on social media, Dubloadz tweeted, “I’ve just been informed that Ever After Friday has officially been cancelled.”

Blankface also took to Twitter the same day and said, “Welp, no more Ever After… had so much planned for this B2B with Shiverz.”

Two sources working directly with the event’s operations confirmed to CTV News that artists have already been cancelled, as has production, including sound and lighting.

CTV News was also told that organizer Gabriel Mattacchione of Beyond Oz Productions informed those who work closely with the festival that the event has been cancelled.

However, nothing has been publicly confirmed and there is no indication of what will happen to the tickets purchased or if refunds will be offered.

In a statement to CTV News last week, Sarah Mills, commander of the Simcoe County Paramedics said:

Collectively, Simcoe County Hospitals, Public Health, OPP, Fire and Paramedics have raised various concerns about the lack of health and safety planning by Ever After Festival organizers.

Our communication with the organizer of the festival was very extensive, and to this day our recommendations and requirements have not been incorporated into their planning.

Our collective position as health and emergency services partners is based on protecting the safety of the community, the public and participants, as well as protecting our local health and emergency systems, which are already under significant strain.

Given the economic and tourism benefits of festivals to our region, we have supported other festival plans such as Boots and Hearts. At this point, Ever After Festival organizers have not followed the same local health and safety standards.

CTV News has made repeated attempts to reach the organizer for comment, but has yet to receive a response.

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