Analysis: William and Kate’s children fill in when school closes for the summer

Journals are made and public appearances are arranged depending on where that person is in the line of succession. The closer they are to the crown, the more formally they are expected to reflect the stately duties they have to assume.

That’s why Prince William can afford to be more relaxed in public than his father. William is not expected to ascend the throne any time soon, but he and the Duchess of Cambridge are already paving the way for their children to take on higher-ranking roles and duties.

The Cambridges are very strict about their privacy. Until recently, they only gave occasional glimpses of their private lives, and these were often captured with the Duchess’ own camera, giving her intellectual property rights to the images and control over their use.

Now they are entering a new phase, gradually bringing their children before the traditional media and involving them in their first official engagements.

It’s not always easy with young children, as we saw during the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations earlier in the summer. Kate and William’s youngest, 4-year-old Louis, stole the show with his comical faces during the flyby. Then he did it all again during the pageant, where his parents did their best to keep him entertained in the quieter moments… and thankfully, Grandpa Charles was on hand to help.
George, who recently turned 9, is already handling it like a pro. Just a few weeks ago he completed an engagement at Wimbledon, dressed impeccably in a blazer and tie, watched the men’s final and later chatted comfortably with champion Novak Djokovic.
George and William watch the Wimbledon men's singles final on July 10th.

It was seven-year-old Charlotte’s turn this week during the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, where she was greeted by a traditional line-up, shaking hands and looking her hosts in the eye with a confidence beyond her years.

She made a splash from the stands while watching the swim on Tuesday. Proving that she can be just as feisty as her brother Louis, the princess has been spotted making various funny faces throughout the day and engaging in lively conversations with her parents.

The trio later watched England’s women compete against India in hockey and enjoyed some gymnastics. The family also visited athletics charity SportsAid, where Charlotte revealed gymnastics is her favorite sport. This was the back cover of her viral video, in which she wished the England football team the best of luck for last weekend’s women’s European final.

With every outing, we learn a little bit more about this next generation of Windsors. And seeing the family in less formal settings, where they mix their duties with some fun, delights the crowds in attendance as well as the royal viewers at home.

Princess Charlotte enchanted sports fans at the Commonwealth Games this week.

Early fame is never easy, but the royals are more experienced than others at handling it. Prince William in particular is scarred by memories of media intrusion from his own childhood, when his mother Diana was the most eligible personality in the world. He knows where to draw the line with his own family, and he will not allow it to be crossed.

For William and Kate, the challenge is finding the right balance. They’re aware that family needs to be seen to stay relevant and that kids need to adjust to the spotlight, but they also believe they have the same rights as the rest of us to some privacy. It is also in the public interest that they have a happy and stable upbringing to lay the foundation for a life of public service.

Deciding to bring the children to some performances during the summer holidays will help them transition into public positions. And taking the kids to engagements they likely have a genuine interest in — like sporting events — will make that growing into their royal roles a little more enjoyable.


Meghan, Duchess of Sussex on June 3, 2022 in London.
Happy birthday to the Duchess of Sussex who turned 41 on Thursday. Although it’s not known how Meghan celebrated her special day, family members in the UK took to Twitter to share their well wishes. Both Clarence House and the Cambridges shared photos of the Duchess from her recent trip to the UK for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations in June. Look here.


Prince Charles has denied reports he brokered a £1million donation from the Bin Ladens to his charity.

Clarence House, the residence of Prince Charles, has denied claims reported in Britain’s Sunday Times that the heir to the throne negotiated a deal in 2013 to receive a £1million ($1.2million) charity donation from Osama bin Laden’s half-brothers to accept The Sunday Times, citing unnamed sources, reported that Charles accepted Bakr and Shafiq bin Laden’s donation to the Prince of Wales Charity Fund (PWCF), despite objections from key advisers at the time. Clarence House denied that claim on Saturday, saying the decision to accept the money was made by the charity’s trustees and not the Prince. Read the full story.
Prince Charles during a visit to Weeton Barracks in Lancashire, England on July 8.


Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge is seen during a visit to the 1851 Trust and Great Britain SailGP team in Plymouth, England on July 31. During the visit, Kate took to the water with activities aimed at educating young people about sustainability.

“The Championships and your performance in them have deservedly been praised. But your success goes well beyond the trophy you so deserved.”

The Queen congratulates the England team after their win against Germany in the women’s Euro 2022 football tournament.

It’s no secret that Brits love football. And it looks like the Queen was carried away with the rest of us as England’s Lionesses stormed into the Euro 2022 final and lifted the trophy on Sunday. The monarch sent a message to the team, praising them as “an example that will be an inspiration for girls and women today and for generations to come”. Congratulating the teams after the final, Prince William, President of the Football Association, described the win as “sensational” before adding in one: “The whole nation couldn’t be prouder of you all”. post on twitter.

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