An Unusual Guide to Freedom, Fulfillment and Financial Success”

NEWPORT BEACH, CA., July 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In her just published book Abandon Your Career Plan: An Unusual Guide to Freedom, Fulfillment, and Financial Success (2022, Indie Books International) Barbara Fulmer explains with humor, anecdotes and examples how you can find professional satisfaction and success by giving up your career plan and its self-limitations and still focus on growing your entire career. She advocates learning to trust the process and the freedom of the journey with all its many and countless stopovers. Revolutionary Council maybe, but at a time when more than half of all Americans are unhappy with their jobs and the Great Resignation continues to rock this economy, maybe it’s time for a rethink.

Barbara Fulmer’s book Ditch Your Career Plan

Fulmer says the process of navigating your career without a plan doesn’t have to be complicated. It doesn’t take ten steps or even five steps as dictated by the hundreds of career advice books and columns out there. Rather, her new book presents ways you can review your career paths and fit them into a more organic process of career growth so that over time you can develop the freedom you need to create new experiences based on each of these new ones To make decisions.

“The golden ticket to career freedom, fulfillment, and financial success isn’t printed when you’re born or when you graduate from high school or college,” says Fulmer. “It’s also not handed out when you go into your family business, get your first job, or invest your life savings in a pizza shop. These three career attributes of freedom, fulfillment and financial success are not written into a plan that you can follow. They are career gifts you earn during a thoughtful and progressive career.”

“I’ve enjoyed a lot of good jobs that weren’t great,” says Fulmer. “These experiences inspired me to create a better filter to recognize when it was time to step up, switch or step down. Each of my jobs was simply a station on my career path, not the last station. Friends have questioned my decisions in jobs like this On the surface, this didn’t seem related to my passion for corporate training, but if you were at the starting point of my career and looked at every detour and stop, you would see a thoughtful and sometimes haphazard journey, which added new skills and knowledge to my quest.”

About the author

Barbara Fulmer is the founder of Performance At Work, a consulting firm whose mission is to improve the performance of underperforming supervisors, managers and above. She began her career as a corporate training consultant for industry leaders such as ARCO, Allergan and First Interstate Bank. She served as training director for FHP/United Healthcare, led US sales training and dealer development for Toshiba, and was director of performance development for Jennie Craig/ Nestle. And even a career stop in stand-up comedy!


Barbara Fulmer



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