Ameerah is still shocked by Taylor’s treatment

Ameah Jones. Photo Courtesy: CBS.

By John Powell – GlobalTV

Big Brother 24’s biggest storyline to date revolves around the relationship Taylor Hale has with the rest of the house, specifically Daniel and Nicole. Their rather one-sided feud recently culminated in a dust cloud over a casual comment Taylor made to Nicole.

Houseguest Ameerah Jones felt bad for Taylor and feared Nicole and Daniel as a duo in the game. Ameerah was in the room for the first comment that ignited the powder keg of hostility and is still very confused by Nicole and Daniel’s reaction to it.

“I constantly felt like I was missing something because I was in the room for Taylor’s comment. She told Nicole that she could quit the game if she wanted. Nicole got it all wrong. I didn’t even realize how wrong Nicole was when I was in the room,” she recalls. “Later I hear Nicole’s version of it and I sit and think… Did I miss something? That’s not how I heard it.”

Ameerah says the whole heated situation has left her in a difficult position when it comes to balancing personal relationships, her emotions and her status in the game.

Ameerah Jones and Julie Chen Moonves. Photo Courtesy: CBS.

“I felt like the situation was so wrong, but how could I deal with it without sinking my own game? Still, I tried to do the right thing. I went to Daniel and Nicole. I spoke to them one-on-one and then I had a one-on-one with Taylor. I told her that I agree with her. I saw what happened. I was sorry and told her to talk to me quietly. I didn’t want her to feel alone. I’ve been looking for her all week because this blast was crazy and made me not trust them and honestly fear them,” she said.

It’s no secret that Taylor has had a roller coaster ride in the Big Brother house. Ameerah was there to see the good, the bad, and the ugly.

“I think from the start the girls automatically didn’t feel comfortable with her because she talked to all the guys. They were afraid, including me, that she would ally with the boys. We didn’t feel comfortable bringing her into the women’s alliance,” Ameerah said of one of the contributing factors.

Taylor’s combative relationship with Paloma then erupted, forcing the houseguests to choose between their alliance members and Taylor, who quickly became a social outcast as everyone saw her as a threat and an easy escape. Ameerah sided with Paloma, she was closer to her and believed what she said.

As for her own game, Ameerah believes two things went wrong. First, she picked the wrong allies.

“I think I sided with some of the wrong people in the beginning. I messed up. Alyssa was one of my close friends at the house and partner. I later learned that she couldn’t keep a secret. He had a rough time with it, beautiful as it is. She just found it difficult not to talk too much. I feel like if I hadn’t teamed up with people like that, maybe I could manage my game a little bit better,” she said.

Second, there are many house guests this season who just can’t keep sensitive information to themselves.

“It’s like everyone trusts everyone. Everyone feels like they have a good relationship with someone outside of their alliance, including me. If we all kept more secrets, it would have helped. I mean, Joseph told me yesterday about all the bad things Turner said about me. Then I found out he was in league with Turner! We definitely have some loose lips up there,” she laughed.

Ameerah believes these “loose lips” helped create the Leftovers alliance that paved the way for their eviction last night.

“I felt betrayed because some of these people were in my main alliance. I’m like, holy cow! You knew about the girls! They knew everything I was up to and I didn’t know this alliance was even forming,” said a shocked Ameerah.

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