Amber Heard’s original Aquaman 2 screentime reportedly revealed

As Warner Bros. Discovery continues to work on its plans for the DC Universe, there are still a few big upcoming releases to prepare for, including Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. But unfortunately, this film has its own problems, namely due to the legal problems surrounding star Amber Heard.

In June 2022, Heard lost her civil suit against her ex-husband Johnny Depp, prompting many to call for her removal from the next year Aquaman Consequence. Warner Bros. had reportedly already considered replacing her as Mera due to chemistry issues with lead actor Jason Momoa, and other accounts described how her filming time in this film was significantly reduced.

The Direct exclusively reported that Mera would be pregnant for most of the film, which was later confirmed during the trial, cutting her screen time from the start Aquaman. Now more details have surfaced about how much Mera will actually be involved aquaman 2 while Warner Bros. seeks to renew its superhero cinematic universe.

Mera’s role in Aquaman 2 revealed?

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During a recent Twitter Spaces conversation between Fandango’s Erik Davis and The Wrap’s Umberto Gonzalez, the two spoke about Amber Heard’s role in Warner Bros. Discovery Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

Davis noted that the film is completely finished and reports tease how Warner Bros. Discovery made it “fantastic” Movie. Gonzalez added more details about Heard, mentioning that she’s still in the film but that she’s hardly in it since her screen time is only up to “about 20 minutes:”

Davis: “Aquaman: The Lost Kingdom, I heard is finished too… And whatever Amber Heard is in it, that’s what you get. I don’t know if you know more about them trying to make a difference there, but from what I’ve heard this film is done and I’ve heard it’s great too.

Gonzalez: Yes, it is. She’s still part of it. Not only will you like them, you’ll erase them right away. She’s barely seen in the film it’s like 20 minutes or so long. I don’t know if it’s going to stay that way or if it’s going to be more or less… Anything could happen between now and when the film is released, so yes.

Amber Heard is still part of Aquaman 2

Amber Heard’s place in aquaman 2 is an important question since the verdict was reached in her civil case against Johnny Depp. Multiple reports offered different perspectives on her potential screen time, some saying nothing had changed while others suggested Warner Bros. would cut her from the sequel entirely.

Looking at these quotes, fans should expect Heard’s Mera to be part of the storyline aquaman 2, although it doesn’t appear that her role will have much of an impact on the story as a whole. Most likely, Mera’s pregnancy will keep her on the sidelines for most of the main storyline, although her exact screen time will not be confirmed until the film is fully released.

Regardless of the final tally of Heard’s screen time, her time at the DCEU will most likely be over after playing Mera for the third time. Whether the role will be completely overhauled in the new plan for the DCEU or Mera will be recast for the third Aquaman Film, this will be a time for a big change in all aspects for the studio.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom hits theaters on March 17, 2023.

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