Amazon reveals Toronto filming locations for some big scenes in The Boys

Toronto’s film industry is as booming as ever this year, with many major productions and their stars settling here in Hollywood North.

One of the series known to be filmed in and around the city is Amazon Prime’s The Boys, a superhero comic adaptation starring Jensen Ackles, Karl Urban and others.

As is a general trend in film, various parts of TO have served as a stand-in for New York City on the show, as it’s cheaper to film here (and there’s tax breaks), we have tons of industry talent, and such a credible one Exchange.

So far, the crew of The Boys has been spotted by passers-by filming at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, the Financial District and even at Etobicoke’s Tom’s Dairy Freeze.

The Amazon Prime team also took to Twitter this week to reveal what other GTA locations have been chosen as Season 3 backdrops.

In a short thread, the team asked Ontario viewers what places they recognized from last season: Was it Toronto’s iconic Roy Thomson Hall venue, which was transformed into Vought Tower, both inside and out?

Or was it neighboring David Pecaut Square at King Street and Simcoe Street that the production used as a backdrop for rallies and protest scenes.

Some fans chimed in with other familiar places that caught their eye while watching.

The show also used Toronto’s hidden Lower Bay Station, abandoned as a subway station since 1966, as a replacement for the MTA’s busy Penn Station in Season 1 of the show, when Butcher and others are on the hunt for Kimiko.

Then there’s an Ontario institution, a courthouse in Brantford that actually served as a Russian building last season thanks to its brutalist architecture.

Prime also showed how Brampton’s Wet ‘n’ Wild Toronto Park was used in a water park scene early in Season 2, and how Toronto’s downtown core – along Yonge Street near Richmond – was used as a smoky backdrop for the quest for Soldier Boy in season 3 (thanks to a lot of set work and special effects).

The Boys crew is currently back in the Toronto area filming Season 4, so keep an eye out for production crews and more city landmarks once it airs.

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