Amanda Seyfried says she lost her film role in ‘Wicked’ to Ariana Grande

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She was changed forever. Amanda Seyfried rehearsed for her Evil Movie auditions while playing Elizabeth Holmes on Hulu The Dropout.

That mean girls Star, 36, was asked about the craziest thing she did to land a role during an interview Backstage published on Tuesday July 19th and her response came as a big surprise to fans. “I have dreams that I’m still auditioning for Evil‘ Said Seifried. “Last summer, when I was playing Elizabeth on the weekends, I auditioned personally to play Glinda in the film version of Wicked — because I wanted it so badly I was like, ‘You know what? Yes, I have to play the last scene of The Dropout on Tuesday. I’ll give you my Sunday.’”

That Mamma Mia! The actress added, “I literally bent over backwards while playing the hardest role of my life.”

Ultimately, the role of the Good Witch came on Ariana Grandewho will face Cynthia Erivo as Elphaba in Jon M. Chu‘s film adaptation of the hit musical. Though she didn’t succeed, Seyfried said she’s grateful she went through the grueling process.

“I think it also taught me how far I’ve come as a singer, which I really wanted to prove,” the Emmy nominee told the outlet. “Because since then [2012’s Les Misérables], I thought, ‘I have to get better. I have to do better.’ So whatever comes next in terms of musicals, I’m finally prepared.”

For her part, the 29-year-old Nickelodeon graduate announced her involvement in the Evil Movie in November 2021, but details about the production have been kept fairly secret. The film will debut in two parts, with the first expected to hit theaters in 2024.

Fans of the musical are excited to see it come to life on the big screen, and OG Glinda Kristin Chenoweth has no doubt that the ‘No Tears Left to Cry’ singer will make her proud. “I’ve known Grande since she was 10 years old, so Ariana I’m very, very proud of you. She knows”. joy Alum, 53, gushed entertainment tonight March. “We talk every day and it is my honor and pleasure to present you with the wand and crown.”

The Tony winner shared the stage Idina Menzel in production from 2003 Evil, which earned them both critical acclaim. While Chenoweth is excited about the reinterpretation, the Frozen star, 51, sang a slightly different tune.

“The answer is yes I’m very excited and I know it’s in great hands and I sent so much love to Cynthia and Ariana and I’m here for them if they need me,” Menzel previously said this year. “And yeah, I’m a little bit sad that I’m just older and can’t play the role, you know? And that is the honest truth.”

Menzel stated it was “hard” not to return to the Emerald City after all these years. “It’s about aging and owning the role and what it means to me and how it’s changed my life. I just love it and I miss her I guess is what I’m saying,” she added. “Julie Andrews wasn’t allowed to play Eliza [the film version of] my beautiful lady, To the right? But then she had sound of music.”

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