Alligator Loki just recreated everyone’s favorite cat meme

Alligator Loki Infinity Comic #10 features the loveable Alligator and Thor hilariously recreating the iconic Smudge the Cat/Real Housewives meme.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Alligator Loki Infinity Comic #10

The adorable and now infamous Alligator Loki hilariously recreated the icon memes with Smudge the Cat and some Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Cast members while crashing a charity event hosted by Tony Stark. Like Marvel’s Animal Infinity Comics Alligator Loki and the cute cat miracle meow all offer meme-worthy content, but this week’s meme homage might just take the cake.

The Woman Yelling at a Cat meme surged in popularity in 2019 after Twitter user @MISSINGEGIRL first put the two images together in 2019, before a bunch of social media users made it viral with a ton of different memes. The picture shows the adorable Smudge the Cat staring sullenly at a plate of vegetables while seemingly being yelled at by it RHOBH Cast member Taylor Armstrong being comforted by costar Kyle Richards.


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Alligator Loki Infinity Comic #10 – written by Alyssa Wong (Doctor Aphra, New Mutants) with art by Bob Quinn (Knights of X, Way of X) and color by Pete Pantazis (poison, rescue) – features a hilarious “team up” between human Loki and his alligator counterpart. The entire run of Alligator Loki Comics have featured the alligator Loki getting into banter for his mischievous nature, and issue #10 is no different, as both the human and the alligator Loki crash Tony Stark’s Stark Annual Benefit, who masked one Benefit gala featuring many of Marvel appears to be most well-known superheroes. When heroes like Emma Frost, Bishop, Luke Cage, Danny Rand, Falcon, Thor, and Captain America gather to raise money (for… something?) and celebrate together, the two Lokis break through a portal. The meme recreation, posted on Twitter by @ThorLawyerhappens after alligator Loki destroys a table of buffet food to get treats, with Thor taking Taylor Armstrong’s place and Captain America comforting him like Kyle Richards.

Human Loki is clearly after the Infinity Gauntlet on display, although it seems unlikely that Stark would abandon it real Gauntlet in such an accessible case, but alligator Loki has other things on his mind…mainly food. During a crossover between Real Housewives of Beverly Hills While this might seem like the oddest of all Marvel-related media, the fact is that 80% of Marvel comics revolve around friend and family drama, meaning the Avengers and X-Men are more similar to the cast RHOBH than most might think. Besides, the whole thing concept Alligator Loki is almost a huge meme itself, as the character appeared for about 20 seconds in Disney+’s first season Loki, who catapulted the Loki variant to rapid fame and earned him his very own memeable Infinity comic. Artist Bob Quinn was able to capture Smudge the Cat’s expression on Alligator Loki’s face so perfectly that he looked somehow malicious, delighted and confused at the same time, and it’s really hilarious to see Thor getting so upset with Alligator Loki , because he ruined the advantage, just like viewers can’t help but laugh when a RHOBH Actor gets it a a little too dramatic than they need to be.

Alyssa Wong’s hilarious version Alligator Loki as Smudge the Cat and Thor/Captain America as Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Starring really is the perfect meme for the absolutely insane comic book adventures that alligator Loki has been a part of, and it’s great to see Marvel Comics being able to not take themselves too seriously by featuring one of our most popular cats replicate the internet memes.

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Alligator Loki Infinity Comic #10 is now available in Marvel Unlimited!

Source: @ThorLawyer

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