All about Pedro Jimeno’s rumored fling Antonella

Pedro Jimeno is divorcing his wife Chantel, and many The Family Chantel fans believe he cheated on his wife with fellow actress Antonella.

Pedro and Chantel Jimeno’s marriage ended in flames to the shock The family choir fans, and now many believe he cheated on Chantel with colleague Antonella Barrenechea. Pedro works at the real estate company Laura Delgado Realty. Pedro described his company as one big family; However, many viewers believe he may have been unfaithful to his colleague Antonella given Pedro’s past and the content they filmed together The family choir season 4

When it comes to fidelity in Pedro’s family, the concept is almost non-existent. Pedro’s mother and grandmother both had children with married men while his sister Nicole Jimeno was also with a married man. Pedro first appeared dedicated to him 90 day fiance Ms. Chantel before traveling to the Dominican Republic and fully realizing how morally corrupt his family was. Then he returned, colder and much further from Chantel. Nicole has already accused Pedro of sleeping with her best friend Coraima Morla. Now viewers think the cheating rumors may have been true all along as Pedro spends more time with Antonella than Chantel.


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Antonella and Pedro have become closer The family choir. So much so that Chantel got angry when Antonella added her name to Pedro’s keys. The fourth season of 90 day fiance The spin-off show was probably filmed a year ago. According to Antonella’s Instagram, she now has a boyfriend named Daniel Hanna. Their relationship dates back to 2018; However, she has been shown to be overly friendly and potentially flirtatious with Pedro The family choir. Many viewers found their relationship alarming, as Pedro said he’d rather spend time with Antonella than go home to Chantel. She was also angry at Antonella and Pedro’s constant banter. Pedro currently follows Antonella on Instagram and likes her photos, but he no longer follows Chantel.

Pedro Jimeno is said to have been flirting with Antonella The Family Chantel

Like Pedro, Antonella speaks Spanish. Pedro noted The family choir that conversation in his mother tongue is important to him. While Pedro and Antonella haven’t addressed rumors of their dating, she has disabled comments on her latest photo after another post was bombarded with allegations that she slept with Pedro and ended his marriage to Chantel. Many fans seem to think there was something going on between Pedro and Antonella given their behavior together. While Pedro and Antonella were very close, she is about a decade younger than him. Her Instagram indicates that she graduated from high school in 2020, while Pedro is now 30.

While Pedro and Chantel’s marriage has been in a bad place for some time, many have The family choir Fans thought the couple wrote their drama for ratings. Now that it’s clear that Pedro and Chantel have real issues, many viewers probably believe that Pedro cheated on Chantel. She is now accusing her soon-to-be ex of domestic violence and abuse. Pedro has previously been accused of cheating and has appeared over his marriage to Chantel this season. The family choir Fans are waiting for new details to emerge about their increasingly messy divorce.

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