A true storybook by Princess Diana

The book, titled A Real Life Fairy Tale: Princess Diana, is the first in a series of illustrated biographies chronicling the inspirational lives of famous women

Women have contributed so much to history. And now there’s a new children’s book celebrating the life of a certain woman: Princess Diana. The book, titled A Real Life Fairy Tale: Princess Diana, is the first in a series of illustrated biographies chronicling the inspirational lives of famous women who have risen from relative anonymity to become global icons. Every woman made contributions that changed the world.

A real fairy tale: Princess Diana

A Real Life Fairy Tale: Princess Diana, written by children’s author Emberli Pridham, is a 48-page read aimed at elementary school children and will be released on September 1, just in time for some back-to-school reading.

The book, which contains 17 full-page color illustrations, takes young readers through Diana’s growing up years as a brave girl in Norfolk, England, to her courtship by Prince Charles, son of Queen Elizabeth, and her rise as one of contemporary history’s most successful combatants for social change.

“Princess Diana’s down-to-earth demeanor and warm personality has always inspired me, and I wanted to pass that inspiration on to my children and to every child of this generation,” said Pridham, a mother of three from Dallas, TX. said. “I want them to know about their life story and what better way than a fun picture book.”

Combining thought-provoking writing and original illustrations, each book in Pridham’s A Real Life Fairy Tale series is designed to introduce children to some of history’s greatest women and inspire them with their lives and legacy. In addition to biography of the beloved Princess of Wales, Pridham’s A Real Life Fairy Tale book series will also star Princess Grace and Jackie Kennedy.

“I chose to start with Princess Diana because she was both a real princess and a woman who made a huge impact on society through her kindness and philanthropic work,” Pridham said. “Diana was graceful and compassionate towards people from all walks of life. She helped build bridges to people the world had forgotten.”

Often known as the People’s Princess, Diana helped fight the stigma often associated with AIDS at the time of the virus’ outbreak. In 1987 she helped open the UK’s first purpose built HIV/AIDS unit at the London Middlesex Hospital. As the BBC reports: “Principal Diana shook hands with a man suffering from the disease before the eyes of the world’s media. She did so without gloves and publicly challenged the notion that HIV/AIDS was transmitted from person to person through touch.”

At a time when a lack of understanding about the virus was causing immense fear worldwide, this compassionate act was hard for many people to understand.

The idea for the series A Real Life Fairy Tale came to Pridham while reading to her daughter Brooke.

“I thought how great it would be to have a picture book about an inspirational real-life princess. After looking for something similar and realizing there was nothing else out there, I decided to write the book myself,” Prindham explained.

Pridham is also the author of If Not You, Then Who?, a children’s book about inventors and innovation, which she says aims to empower children and encourage their own creativity.

A Real Life Fairy Tale: Princess Diana is available at barnesandnoble.com, other online booksellers and select retailers nationwide. 10% of the proceeds from the sale of the book will benefit Centrepoint, a British organization that was important to Princess Diana.

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