90 Day Fiancé: Season 9 Part 1 almost ended in a fight and gets me ready for the next half

Warning! The following contains spoilers from Part 1 of 90 day fiance Season 9 everything is clear. Read at your own risk!

90 day fiance Season 9 has finally reached its climax and fans are getting all the details on where the couples stand after this messy season. Rumors of pregnancies, like those of Emily Bieberly and Kobe Blaise, were confirmed, and Bilal even had to answer for his prank. Despite all of that, many probably didn’t expect that Part 1 would almost end with a fight between two cast members. On top of that, it was a perfect cliffhanger to lead into the next half and I’m ready and wondering if anything will happen in between Jibri Bell and patrick mendes‘ Brothers, John.

Whether he’s selling ripped pants online or arguing with his parents about his wife, miona bell, Jibri is a passionate person. Unfortunately, his passionate side came out quite aggressively during the tell-all. Jibri went after other series stars like Ariela Weinberg because of allegations of jealousy Biniyam Shibre‘s MMA dreams (that led to his arrival in the US). He called too Mohammed Abdulhamed and Yve Arellano for their arguments as a couple. In addition, Jibri even tried to pursue John because he was too involved with Patrick and Thai Ramonebut John quickly clapped back by calling Jibri “sparkly” due to his shiny, multicolored suit. Take a look at the eye-catching piece of clothing below:

(Image credit: TLC)

Jibri didn’t appreciate the title, which perhaps only lived on as a nickname 90 day fiance Use fans when referring to him moving forward. Jibri then accused John of being drunk and being a “third wheel” in Patrick and Thais’ marriage, leading to his refusal to proceed. The two continued to back and forth, with Jibri even threatening to fight John.

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