6 love books to read for National Culinary Arts Month

Some months have a special meaning, such as B. February as Black History Month and June as Pride Month. However, there isn’t really anything for July, but after doing a little research, I found out that July is actually National Culinary Arts Month.

While that doesn’t seem exciting, it lends itself to a certain avenue, and that’s romance novels. In recent years there has been a trend to depict not only cooking, but also chefs, restaurants and food as the main part of a romantic story.

Food has always been a love language for some, but over the past five years, the culinary arts have become a mainstay in Romanceland. While some liberties may be taken, it always feels like these books have added a little something extra.

In honor of National Culinary Arts Month, it’s only right to recommend a few foodie romance novels. Whether the main character is a chef or food is a major component, these six romance novels should be just what you need.

Celebrate National Culinary Arts Month with these love books.

First up is actually a romance I haven’t read yet but it’s on my TBR so it’s the first. Justified The romance recipe, this book follows a romance between a chef and the owner of the restaurant where she works. The book sounds like a lot of fun and has a stunning cover. This book was written by Ruby Barrett and was published on July 12th.

Coming to some books I’ve read, the first is a 2022 release and this is The Boss’s Kiss by Jarrett Melendez. This is a graphic novel about Ben who gets hired at a restaurant and the romance he has with his colleague Liam. This book is incredibly fun and has a beautiful art style that’s perfect if you’re looking for something fast and fun.

If you’re looking for something spicier, then American dreamer by Adriana Herrera might be for you. This book follows Nesto, who owns a food truck, and his romance with Jude, a librarian. This book not only follows their romance but includes a lot of character development for both characters. However, it also contains a lot of racism and homophobia, but it’s still fun to read.

Switch to the historical area, The duke who didn’t by Courtney Milan is a unique take on foodie romance. This is a moody, sunny romance between Chloe and Jeremy, set in England and featuring two Asian characters. While the romance takes center stage, Chloe and her dad are trying to perfect his sauce recipe so they can sell it and it’s such a fun subplot to the main romance.

These last two romances are about bakers, which is another important trope in romance novels. The first is Donut fall in love by Jackie Lau. This is a romance between Lindsay, a bakery owner, and Ryan, an actor who competes in a cooking competition. Ryan comes to her for help and sparks fly from there. This one is pretty scary, but it’s perfect for a summer read as the sequel won’t be out until October.

Last but not least is a black love story and that is make a scene by Mimi Grace. This is a romance between Duncan and Retta, who agree to a fake date in order for Retta’s family to get away from her. There is also another additional layer of Duncan’s and Retta’s businesses who are neighbors, with him running a gym and she owning a bakery. This is another low-anxiety read if you’re looking for something cute and fun.

Whatever your mood, there’s a foodie romance novel for you. Even if you can’t cook for National Culinary Arts Month, these love books are a perfect substitute for you.

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