5 talk show hosts that celebrities reportedly want to avoid and 4 hosts that are fun to hang out with

Only Cher would insult David Letterman in the face.

Talk shows are a touchstone of the entertainment industry, although some hosts have better relationships with their guests than others.

Here are a few examples of some talk show hosts who have a perfect relationship with some celebrities and others whose relationship has been, to put it mildly, rocky.


PERFECT: Harry Styles is a frequent visitor to The Late Late Show with James Corden and even jumped in to host the show when Corden had to miss shows due to the birth of his child. The two have known each other since Styles was 17 after Johannah Deakin, mother of Styles’ One Direction bandmate Louis Tomlinson, reportedly asked Corden to look after the boys after they moved to London.


ROCKY: David Letterman paid $28,000 to get Cher to appear on his show after she previously turned him down four times. In 2017, Cher said she had just collected a $28,000 hotel bill when Letterman’s producers called to ask her to appear on the 1986 show. Cher agreed on the condition that the show pay the hotel bill. She also explained her previous reluctance to appear on the show by citing Letterman’s behavior, saying, “He’s very smart and funny, but he can be so cruel when he doesn’t like people.” Letterman actually squeezed Cher on hers previous refusal to appear on the show and she went straight to him saying she didn’t want to because he was an asshole.


PERFECT: While Bradley Cooper performed The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon There was a number of performances where the duo’s laughter became literally contagious. In 2014, Cooper came on the show to talk about his Broadway performance in the title role as The Elephant Man. But after donning fake wigs before attempting to discuss the more serious nature of the play, Cooper and Fallon couldn’t get through the conversation without bursting out in laughter.

But Bradley actually returned to the show in 2018 to talk about his film. A star Is Born. Halfway through the interview, Cooper begins telling a story that he says he knows he doesn’t have time to tell since the show’s runtime is nearing a commercial break. Fallon replies, “There are no rules, man. We love you dude.” As Cooper tells the story, he and Fallon burst into giggles again and Cooper yells, “Here we go again!” referring to his earlier appearance on the show. Laughing, he says, “That’s how it happened last time!”


ROCKY: In 2008, then-Republican candidate John McCain was scheduled to appear That Late Show with David Letterman however, was canceled just 90 minutes before the show was scheduled to start, citing the need to get to the airport and return to Washington DC as soon as possible to help with the widening financial crisis. However, the producers of Letterman discovered in the middle of the show that McCain wasn’t actually on his way to the airport but was preparing for another interview with Katie Couric.

Letterman mocked McCain throughout the show and for another three weeks until McCain returned to Letterman for a proper interview and apologized to Letterman, saying, “I screwed up.”


PERFECT: As a host of Name is, it’s Sean Evans’ job to keep his guests on their toes with his questions. Aside from feeling absolutely obliterated by the spicy wings, most of the guests are also incredibly impressed by Evans’ questions. Here are some sweet moments:


ROCKY: During Tonight show Host Johnny Carson and actor Bob Hope occasionally shared a network, which is apparently where the similarities ended. Tonight show Producer Peter Lassally said, “Johnny admired Hope’s place in show business…but he wasn’t a huge admirer of his work.” Lassally also said that Carson resented the freedom Hope exercised to appear on the show, saying, “We would get a request and Johnny would say, ‘Again?’ And I would say, ‘Are you going to tell him no?’ And he would say, ‘No. You can’t refuse Bob Hope.’”

Carson not only liked Hope’s work but also his ability as a guest, with Carson’s former co-chief writer Andrew Nicholls saying, “There was nothing spontaneous about Hope. … He was a guy who relied on his writers on any subject.”


PERFECT: While the couple apparently became friends while working together Saturday night liveSeth Meyers was actually an integral part of John Mulaney’s journey to sobriety when he, along with some other friends, directed an intervention for Mulaney in 2019. Mulaney, now sober, has returned Late Night with Seth Meyers to discuss the incident. He recalled, “So you (Seth) were the first person I saw walking through the door where I knew this was an intervention.” At the end of the interview, Mulaney Meyers thanked him for his contribution help get sober.


ROCKY: Apparently, musician Liam Gallagher and James Corden didn’t even get a chance to meet before Gallagher announced his dislike. In a 2017 interview with GQ, Gallagher was asked if he would ever perform Carpool Karaoke, a famous track The Late Late Show, to which Gallagher replied, “No, thanks a lot… Not a damn chance, mate.” Gallagher then called Corden a “fat dude,” adding, “James Corden is a moron.”

Later, however, Gallagher made an appearance The Late Late Show later that year and actually had the opportunity to meet Corden. Afterwards, Gallagher retracted his comments in a tweet.

I just bumped into host James Corden on tonight’s late-late show. I have to say he’s a fine bloke, got that wrong since you were LG x

Twitter: @liamgallagher


ROCKY: The interview heard around the world. While Ellen DeGeneres is known for teasing her guests, 50 shades of gray Star Dakota Johnson had none of it after DeGeneres said she hadn’t previously been invited to Johnson’s birthday party. Johnson denied this, saying that DeGeneres was indeed invited, and urged Ellen to ask her producers, who confirmed she had received an invite but was out of town. Here’s a quick look if you don’t like awkward interactions.

Johnson later laughed about the exchange with Drew Barrymore.

Tell me about one talk show host/celebrity BFF pairing you can’t get enough of in the comments!

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