5 Book-to-Movie Adaptations With Big Changes That Fans Dislike

Book-to-movie adaptations are nothing new in Hollywood. Amid the rise of streaming services, companies have fought over which service gets the rights to a wide range of novels and series so they can bring them to life. Most recently Amazon Prime The summer I got pretty was a great success. But that’s not all – the service also acquired rights to Red, White and Royal Bluethe famous queer love story about the first son of the United States and a prince of England and is in the process of being filmed.

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While many book-to-screen adaptations are hugely successful and popular, there are also a handful of them that gave the production too much creative control, resulting in major plot changes that fans of the original book completely dismiss.


“Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief”

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief is the first one in Rick Riordans Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series. While the book series was a roaring success and garnered a large following worldwide, the attempted film series was not nearly as successful. The film drove Logan Lermans Popularity as an actor, but the script had a big change, which upset many fans and even the creator Riordan himself.

With no spoilers, the entire resolution was changed, which in turn dumped the rest of the plot. Rather than the film being a direct adaptation of the book series, the books served more as a foundation from which the films could take off. However, Disney+ is developing a new and hopefully more accurate series with the name Percy Jackson and the Olympians alongside Riordan, who writes and produces. Fans should have faith that Percy Jackson will be exactly as the creator envisioned.

‘The Giver’

The Giver is a fan-favorite dystopian novel about a boy named Jonas who lives in a crime-free and sadness-free society. When children turn 12, their jobs are chosen (as they will be for the rest of their lives). Jonas is chosen to be the “memory keeper,” the one who knows all the stories of their society (including the sad and not-so-wonderful moments, because someone needs to know).

The film had many differences that drew criticism, including an entire love affair with the main character. There were also minor details about other characters that were changed, but the main differences were the characters’ ages and the role of the villain in the book versus the film.

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‘The Dark Tower’

The Dark Tower is a book by the legendary author StephenKing This tells the story of Roland Deschain, Mid-World’s last gunslinger, who travels the post-apocalyptic world in search of an artifact called The Dark Tower. The film was released in 2017 with many differences, most importantly the film is more of an extension than a retelling. So naturally, fans of the book were left very confused as new storylines and characters were introduced into a story they know and love.

Another reason why People believe that the film series failed depended on the runtime. While The Dark Tower was one of King’s longest and densest book series, the films were much more condensed and told in two parts only when they should have matched the pacing of the original text.

‘The wife of the time traveler’

The wife of the time traveler is about a man named Henry, who suffers from a genetic disorder that forces him to engage in random time travel, and his wife Clare, who then has to deal with his frequent absences. The show had some key differences that angered fans.

In the book, his time jumps were caused by joy, while in the film, they were caused by trauma. There were also changes in how the storyline was told and how the characters were physically presented, which upset viewers.

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Eragon is a fantasy series about a young farm boy named Eragon who finds a mysterious rock in the nearby mountains. The stone eventually turns out to be a dragon egg, which later hatches into a dragon, wreaking havoc (and excitement) on his life while forging an unlikely friendship. Fans of the book were extremely disappointed after the film’s release in 2006 due to numerous changes, from minute details to major plot points.

Some of the most notable changes were how characters acted and performed, why Eragon fights the villains, and most of the time Eragon and Brom’s journey doesn’t happen. More material has been changed than retained.

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