24 things you won’t know about homeownership until after you’ve bought your own home, as discussed in this viral thread

An old saying goes that in a lifetime a person must build a house, plant a tree and raise a child. Modernity makes its own adjustments – for example, the position of childlessness is very respected today, and planting trees is very correct from an ecological point of view. The house stays – and everything here is not as easy as you might think at first glance.

Of course, owning a house is great. It solves all the housing problems for you and your family, it automatically solves all the rent problems…and addresses many other issues you didn’t even know about before you became a homeowner.

A while ago there was a post on the Reddit Home Improvement Community that has since received over 9.2k upvotes and almost 2k comments of all kinds. The Original Poster asked Redditors, “What unwritten rules do you only learn after you become a homeowner?” while also giving up his own five rules.

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This new homeowner gave up his own 5 unwritten rules for homeowners

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So first. Your neighbors will magically become arborists once you prune more than 10% of any tree on your property. Actually the absolute truth. On the other hand, there are certain situations in which a tree has a certain sentimental value to your neighbors and you become an idiot in their eyes if you try to cut it down. But in the end it’s your property.

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Fences often become a bone of contention between neighbors

Second. If a fence is in good to good condition, your neighbor will claim to own it. If the fence is badly deteriorated or has recently fallen over, your neighbor will dispute any knowledge of how and when the fence was erected or who owns it. Of course, the fence often becomes the subject of the most heated fight between neighbors.

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We also have stories of one person painting a fence on their side and streaks of paint on the other side obscuring the view of the fence from the neighboring side. The result was a major neighborhood drama.

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Anything that can go wrong will go wrong – that goes for almost all homeowners

Third. Each project you take on requires you to uncover at least one additional project. One of Murphy’s law is “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong”. A law known to every project manager—and now every homeowner, too.

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Fourth. You will NEVER complete a project with a single visit to a hardware store. From this there are two main consequences: first of all, try to choose a house that is closer to the nearest hardware store. Secondly, when you sell a house, the proximity to the hardware store automatically increases its value.

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Just buy all the necessary tools – it will make your life easier

Finally the fifth. If you borrow a tool from a neighbor and it works amazingly well, once the project is complete you will go out and buy that tool. It’s also a partial consequence of Murphy’s Law, so it’s best to have all the tools handy.

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On the one hand, it will improve relations with your neighbors. On the other hand, you still have to buy a new one, so let it be yours right away! Here, by the way, we return to the fourth point about the proximity of a home business, and you understand that in fact all points are absolutely interconnected.

People in the comments admired these rules and suggested their own

Incidentally, the commentators were enthusiastic about these unwritten rules and brought up many new points. For example, anything the previous owner of the house did himself will turn out to be stupid, funny, and poorly done. Whatever you do, it’s wonderful, and the next owner will surely admire the quality of your work.

By the way, yes – the previous owner certainly had incredibly crooked hands and was most likely created to ruin the life of his successor. So keep that in mind because maybe one day you too will become that same previous owner.

And the list of these rules, as people admit in the comments, will never be complete. In any case, it is said that you will always start out as a perfectionist, but over time your standards will definitely drop.

If you have your own house then you will surely have something to say in the comments as well, so feel free to write your own rule or even law, although we call them unwritten.

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