2023 Mercedes-AMG G63 price increases by $51,000, order books still closed

Mercedes’ flagship off-roader has been hit by a $51,000 price increase – its 12th increase in four years – which coincides with a handful of new features. However, demand is so strong that the order books in Australia are still closed.

Australian customers still can’t order one, however, as Mercedes has stopped accepting deposits until it can work through its current two-year waiting list.

Mercedes-Benz Australia says it will offer “price protection” to customers who have previously placed orders at cheaper RRPs.

But when new orders start, buyers will be asked to pay the maximum amount.

The 2023 Mercedes-AMG G63 has been hit with a price increase of $51,003, taking its suggested retail price (MSRP) from $247,700 four years ago to $365,900 plus road costs today.

The new MSRP is $66,900 over the June 2021 price and $118,200 over Mercedes-Benz’s introductory 2018 price.

The latest increase represents a jump of almost 50 percent (47.7 percent) in four years – although few new features have been added to the standard equipment list over that period.

Despite a price hike of nearly $70,000 in 13 months, the G63 order books have been closed for a year as Mercedes-Benz Australia tries to clear a backlog that blew wait times by 12 months.

It is understood that existing customers in the queue are protected from the new price hikes – meaning the new price will not technically take effect until order books reopen.

According to Mercedes-Benz Australia, the price increase was necessary to “ensure [the G63’s] ongoing availability” in local showrooms.

“While I cannot give specifics on how the vehicle prices are determined, I can confirm that due to global demand it was necessary to increase the vehicle price of the Mercedes-AMG G63 to ensure its continued availability in the Australian market,” said a spokesman for Mercedes-Benz Australia journey in an opinion.

New features have been added, in the form of a new microfiber AMG Performance steering wheel with carbon fiber accents and a range of “G manufaktur” personalization options – plus, according to the Redbook third-party provider, auto-dimming door mirrors.

“The price change coincides with a model year update that also introduces new standard equipment, including the carbon fiber and microfiber AMG performance steering wheel with additional AMG controls and an extensive new range of ‘G manufaktur’ personalization options for customers to choose from,” the explanation continues.

The G63 is now Mercedes-Benz Australia’s second most expensive model, behind the Maybach GLS600, priced at around $380,000 plus road costs.

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