10 quirky + modern home decor that make a statement

We all have those pieces in our homes—those one-of-a-kind objects that never fail to spark joy and conversation among guests. Like a mushroom-shaped disco ball or a scaled, realistic piggy bank, these whimsical decorative items have a look all their own, making them highly desirable home objects that you’ll want to keep on display. Quirky decorative items hold a special place in our design-loving hearts as they uniquely bring personality, playfulness and accessibility to even the most minimalist of spaces. From a maximalist foam vase to a jellyfish-inspired table lamp, we’ve handpicked some of our favorite modern and whimsical home accents that will quickly become favorites in your home. Find more in the Design Milk Shop!

A prominent feature in award-winning artist Harry Allen’s acclaimed REALITY series, the Pig-Shaped Reality Bank turns the traditional piggy bank shape on its head. It’s made by pouring polyester resins into highly detailed silicone molds for a sculptural, lifelike (and true to size!) look that’s guaranteed to grab your attention. In this limited edition, created exclusively for Design Milk to celebrate our 15th anniversary, the Reality Pig is split down the middle in our signature black and white colorway. It’s the coolest pig in town!

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Corrugated jelly plant stand

This whimsical and wavy plant stand from ObjectLover, an Austin-based Queer design shop, is a perfect pedestal for your houseplants, collectibles, your favorite home decor, and just about anything you want to take center stage! The compact, 3D-printed stand features wobbly legs inspired by jellyfish tentacles and comes in three vibrant, maximalist color options – making it a whimsical and space-saving addition to any room in the house.

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chunk mirror

The sculptural metal frame of the CHUNK mirror is made entirely of tin foil (!!) by artist Ward Wijnant himself in his Dutch studio. Expertly hand folded and formed under high pressure, the foil frame takes on a whimsical shape and raised texture that creates a modern look with a mysterious edge. This is a mirror that guests will want to get up close to observe the tactile material and shimmering metal finish (their own reflection then, of course!).

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Mushroom Disco Balls
Photo: @Sofiestdesigns.

These groovy disco balls have become a permanent fixture on my Instagram and TikTok feeds and I couldn’t love them more. The Mushroom Disco Ball by Sofiest Designs is a favorite in the San Francisco-based brand’s Disco Therapy collection. It’s handcrafted from styrofoam and covered in mirrored tiles (all hand glued!) for a quirky disco ball that’s equal parts modern and psychedelic. Place it on a bookshelf, coffee table or windowsill to catch the light and transform your space into a disco wonderland all day long.

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Wooj wavy lamp

Originally crafted in Wooj Design founder Sean Kim’s closet, today each Wavy Lamp is 3D printed and meticulously hand assembled at the Wooj Design studio in Brooklyn. Inspired by the shape and movement of comb jellyfish, the lamp’s iconic wave shape will add a whimsical, modern touch to any space. We also can’t get enough of the warm ambient light it emits, and the fact that the shade is made from an eco-friendly corn-based plastic is icing on the cake!

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Kiki Goti squishy vase

Made from strips of soft foam pressed into a striped acrylic base, these whimsical vases bring a maximalist look to any living space that is as tactile as it is colourful. We love that each piece is designed and handcrafted to order in Kiki Goti’s studio in Brooklyn, which means your squishy vase will have its own unique quirks of color and pattern that make it even more special! Whether you fill it with flowers or spotlight its sculptural shape, the Squishy Vase is guaranteed to make a statement.

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Ruggedness carpet in magic circles

Inspired by the famous color study by the Russian-born painter Wassily Kandinsky, Color Study – Square, the Magic Circles 2.0 rug is an ode to the artist’s experiences with synesthesia (the ability to see sounds and hear colors) and the abstract visual elements it manifested in his works. Between the rug’s cosmic and bohemian shape, maximalist color palette and abstract design, Magic Circles 2.0 is the ultimate quirky rug. You might even consider hanging this on your wall to really make its beautiful design shine!

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Balloon side table

Designed by Christopher Duffy as part of the East London design studio’s UP Balloon collection, the Up Balloon Side Table is as playful and quirky as it gets. Gold and silver balloons give the illusion that they are floating and gently support the round glass table top for a playful effect. In addition to their bold, modern metallic aesthetic, the balloons’ reflective gold and silver finishes and the clever contrast of the hard material with soft, delicate motifs remind us of the beauty of design that doesn’t take itself too seriously. This is an investment you will never cease to marvel at!

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Ornate bench with shadows

Expertly crafted to order by Yedam – a multidisciplinary artist and designer based in San Francisco – the Squiggly Bench celebrates the whimsical in life and form. A fun twist on classic bench silhouettes, the Squiggly Bench’s curved shape offers everyday functionality (it comfortably seats 2 people) in a more modern and whimsical style, making it a fun and practical staple. Slide the bench at your kitchen table, at the foot of your bed, in your work area or in your entryway and expect compliments!

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Knot studio blue velvet floor pillow in front of the bed

For a home accent that is quirky and luxurious at the same time, meet the Royal Blue Velvet Floor Pillow from Knots Studio. Nautically inspired and fashionably executed, the quirky woven shape of this knot cushion delivers a plush, smooth texture accented with handcrafted wooden rings that keep its knotted structure intact – for a sculptural seating solution that’s as stylish as it is functional. Choose from their spectrum of color options for a pillow that suits your personal style.

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