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McAfee LiveSafe

McAfee LiveSafe is an award-winning cyber threat protection software that protects everything, your computer, mobile devices as well as your identity. It is a combination of antivirus, privacy, and identity tools that offers security against viruses and cyber threats. With the combination of cloud-based online and offline protection, you can protect your whole digital world from all emerging and existing viruses and threats. This ultimate product is packed with a versatile range of features. 

McAfee LiveSafe

Features of McAfee Livesafe

The following are the features that make this product perfect for your devices. 

Cross-Device Protection

McAfee LiveSafe offers its users to secure multiple devices with one subscription. You can protect your PC, Mac, iOS devices, Android devices, as well as tablets. It offers easy to use webpage for managing all your devices. This makes it easy for users to secure their entire household without buying multiple subscriptions.  

Password Manager

Along with this product, you will get the multi-factor password manager app that allows users to easily secure and manage their passwords without remembering all. You will get a place called a password manager by Mcafee Login where you can save all your passwords. This Password Manager is protected by a password too. Hence, you just have to remember one password and by that, you can access all your passwords. Also, it will guide you in generating strong passwords, so that no one can get access to your accounts.  

Safe Family

This is an ultimate feature that helps the parents to make the digital world safer for their kids. McAfee LiveSafe allows the parents to monitor their child’s online activities, choose their screen time, and track their movement. Using this Safe family feature, parents can block the websites that they don’t want their kids to access. You can filter the inappropriate or time-wasting websites by turning them off. Along with this, you will get a notification whenever your child tries to break the rule. All this will help the parents to keep complete watch on their child’s digital life.  

Safe Web Browsing

For providing its users with a safe and confident browsing experience, McAfee has introduced the Safe Web Browsing product that is included in the McAfee LiveSafe. This helps the users from risky websites, links and files by sending them the notification, blocking the malicious websites, scanning the downloads, etc. Using this, you can browse, shop and bank without any fear of being attacked by cybercriminals or cyber threats. 

Performance Optimization

This McAfee LiveSafe feature helps the users to experience faster and more efficient computing experience. It boosts up the system performance, blocks the autoplay videos that are interrupting the web browsing, reduces battery usage, minimizes the bandwidth usage, and a lot more. All this helps the system to run like a new one. It offers Web Boost and App boost tools for redefining your online experience. 

Encrypted data Storage

It becomes important to keep your sensitive files and personal data safe and secure. For this, you will get the Encrypted Data Storage feature of McAfee LiveSafe. This offers you a personal vault that is protected with 128-bit encryption that prevents others from accessing your data saved in it. You will need the combination of password protection and encryption for accessing the data stored in the vault. You can quickly and easily access your files with this lock and key product along it protecting it from unauthorized access.  

Home Network Protection

Since connecting to the internet connects us to the online threats, hence it becomes important to use the McAfee Home Network Protection. It secures your firewall and prevents hackers by blocking them from accessing your home network. This helps the users to prevent their data and system from unauthorized access by automatically protecting the entire home network. You can use an easy-to-use mobile app for securing all the devices connected to the home network. 

Other Features

  • McAfee QuickClean- This helps in speeding up your device by removing unwanted files, temporary files, cookies, etc.
  • Anti Spam– It removes the junk mails before they reach your inbox. This helps you in accessing the important emails without missing them in the junk mails. 
  • McAfee Shredder- It will help you in deleting the sensitive files completely from your devices. It leaves no trace of such files.